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123inkjets Goes Green

Over the past decades, printing technology has advanced so that virtually anything can be printed within seconds at the sharpest quality. But while printing has provided many conveniences in our personal and work lives, it is has also been seen as a major boon on the consumption of energy, paper, and ink. Consequently, many printer ink companies have developed green alternatives as a way of decreasing the amount of ink used without compromising the quality of the prints. is committed to providing customers with the resources and information they need to print in a more green-friendly way. Effective green printing can begin with finding alternatives in ink, such as recycled ink cartridges. Reusing and refilling your ink cartridges not only keep plastic out of landfills, it's also typically cheaper than purchasing an entirely new cartridge, providing a double benefit for the cost-conscious customer.

People can also develop better habits in printing to reduce their overall carbon footprint in the use of ink, as well as paper and electricity. Think before you print! Use lower settings on your printer for documents that don't necessarily need a high-definition display. Small moves like this can add up to create big results.

An estimated 13,000 cartridges are tossed out every second. This means more landfills are being piled up and taking more time to degrade. believes this can be prevented by doing its part in providing resources and information on green practices in ink cartridge consumption so that customers are aware and empowered with the knowledge and resources to make a difference.

Limiting Waste with Recycled Ink Cartridges

By choosing recycled ink cartridges through our extensive remanufactured cartridge option, you can get great environmentally friendly ink at a price you can afford.

Green Printing with 123inkjets is working to help with green printing initiatives that carry through to all of our product lines. Find out what we're doing to make a greener planet.

Our Environmentally Friendly Ink

We offer a complete line of environmentally friendly ink products to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainability through Recycled Printer Ink

123inkjets is helping to improve the environment by looking into more sustainable printing options. Learn more about our line of recycled printer ink.

A Brief Guide to Printer Ink Recycling with 123inkjets

Statistics show that 13 ink cartridges per second are thrown away. That’s millions of tons of garbage every day, and it’s a concern we’re passionate about.