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Our Environmentally Friendly Ink

If you do quite a bit of printing through the course of your day, the chances are good that you're looking to become a bit more environmentally friendly with every document or picture that comes out of your machine. After all, these days, more people are putting the environment first as much as possible, and that includes the way we print. is here to help with your efforts. With an environmentally friendly printing initiative at the forefront of everything we do, we can not only offer you tips on how to green your print jobs a bit, but we also offer a complete line of environmentally friendly ink products.

Changing the Way You Buy Ink

At one time, going to purchase ink for your printer meant a trip to your local brick and mortar office store, a frustrating search for the right cartridges, an expensive trip to the cash register, and finally the trip home with your cartridges. There wasn't a single part of the process that spelled environmentally friendly., though, changes all of that. Here you can shop online and avoid increasing your carbon footprint with a trip to the local store. What's more, though, is that you can shop our complete line of environmentally friendly printing options - including remanufactured ink cartridges and our InkWise recycling service to help reduce your impact on the environment every time you print. Take a moment to explore both options:

· Our remanufactured ink cartridges help save thousands of pounds of landfill waste every year. By carefully evaluating, cleaning, refilling, and testing each cartridge, you get a high quality product at a very low price. Moreover, however, you get the chance to save an ink cartridge from a landfill, helping to put the environment first at every turn.

· Our InkWise recycling service gives you one more environmentally friendly ink option for your home or office. Through this program, you can purchase an inkjet recycling mailer. When your printer cartridge is empty, just drop it in the bag and mail it to us. We'll clean it, refill it, and test it, then ship it back to you. You get a great cartridge at a low price and the chance to reduce landfill waste at the same time. Since the entire process takes just ten business days in most cases, it's a win-win situation.

Producing environmentally friendly ink options isn't the only way is looking to help save the planet, though. We also employ a number of other strategies to help green our whole company. From reducing packaging waste to company-wide programs that help to reduce energy consumption in our factory and during transit, we're constantly working to provide great low cost cartridges as well as reduce our carbon footprint as a whole.

Choosing environmentally friendly ink options doesn't have to be difficult - as long as you have as your partner.