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A Brief Guide to Printer Ink Recycling with 123inkjets

When you think recycling, it's a good bet that your first thought doesn't go to the printer sitting on your desk at work or in the family room at home, but maybe it should. Printer ink recycling is certainly at the forefront of our minds here at

Recent statistics indicate that printer ink cartridges are thrown away at a rate of thirteen per second. That's millions of tons of garbage being added to landfills every single day, and it's a concern we're passionate about. Sure, we offer great ink cartridge options. Sure, we include great discounts, prices, and even free shipping offers in some cases. And sure, we're you're one-stop shop no matter what type of printer models you have on hand, but is more these days; we're the one place you can turn if recycling printer ink cartridges has become one of your priorities.

Wondering how an entity of corporate America can truly help recycle printer cartridges and work to save Earth simultaneously? It's easy really. Our commitment to the planet is three-fold:

1. In every facet of our company, we work to recycle. From the packing materials we use to the paper we consume in our offices and factories, our commitment is more than just great printer ink cartridges. It involves choosing the eco-friendly path at every turn. If there's a way we can become more energy-efficient, we'll do it. If there's something else we can recycle, we're on it. This initiative is so important to us, it's become part of our company motto.

2. We've included our customers in our commitment. One way we help you recycle printer cartridges is through our complete line of remanufactured ink cartridges. As you've probably noticed, each high quality ink cartridge we offer comes at a great low price, but there's more to it than that. We've taken a cartridge that has been used once, carefully evaluated it, cleaned it, then refilled it. From there, we test all of the printer ink cartridges we're prepared to send out to ensure only high quality products leave our factory. The result? An ink cartridge that's been rescued! We've been able to recycle printer ink cartridges by the thousands thanks to this line of products for almost every make and model of printer. You get the results you need from your printer and you get to recycle at the same time. It's double the benefits at a price you'll love.

3. Another way you can choose recycled printer cartridges is to use the ink cartridge you already have in your printer with our unique InkWise service option. Just purchase a postage-paid mailer from us to get started. When your printer ink runs out, send it back to us in the mailer. We recycle printer ink cartridges just like yours every day. We'll take a look at it to make certain everything is as it should be, clean it, refill it, and test it. From there, we send it back to you so you can use it one more time before you responsibly recycle it. This great service comes at a price you won't believe. In fact, recycling printer ink cartridges has never been easier than it is with this amazing service.

Recycled printer cartridges are a great way to reduce your impact on the planet, and offers you two solid options to choose from. When you decide it's time to recycle printer ink cartridge models as part of your own commitment to the environment, let help. We offer you more options to recycle printer ink cartridges than any other company online today.