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Common Canon Customer Complaints

Read any site containing complaints about the Canon Company and you are sure to find one piece after another complaining about poor customer service. It seems that people feel confident in purchasing Canon equipment, but are let down when they are in need of assistance. It does not matter how much an individual or group of individuals invest into a company, if the customer is not getting what he needs out of it.

The complaints do not seem to be centralized around one certain aspect of the service department, but rather the division as a whole. This does not imply an easy fix for Canon, nor does it offer any comfort to Canon product owners.

A complaint seen over and over again was one about the price associated with speaking to a Canon solution specialist. It also seems, that once on the phone, these individuals often have pre-scripted responses to common problems, as one customer after another mentioned receiving the exact same advice on a second or third contact with technical support. Others objected to the online support pages, which many felt were purposely useless, so one was forced to pay to speak with a representative- even if the solutions suggested did not solve the problem.

Marketing, finance, research and development are regular season play, the real champion is the company that can hold it together for playoff and championship games, customer service and tech support. It is safe to assume that everyone has had an experience with poor customer service (or known someone who has), and if there is a similar alternative to that company, in many cases that experience will lead that person to try the competitor in the future. Canon's products are certainly ingenious, but with reports that suggest that the author would get better customer service from a chain store, the Canon Company should consider itself lucky to have maintained its customer base to date. Although there are websites that rate Canon's customer service as "acceptable," the negative comments fill page after page. Apparently, "acceptable" is not adequate in the customer's eye.

Despite the poor service, Canon products continue to win praise. Site after site, customer review after customer review, the products continue to land a minimum of three stars (and even that is rare). The Canon Pixma MP520 all-in-one was even named a consumer report best-buy (Consumer Reports Online). The company continues to remain on the leading edge of photo technology including digital SLR cameras and printers, making products assessable for the general public and others aimed at the most highly skilled photographers in the country.

It is just important to remember that business is not all about the product. If Canon continues to act like they don't care about a customer once the sale is complete, repeat sales are sure to decline or even become a thing of the past, because there are always other competitors there willing to care for those consumers. The Canon Company is in danger of letting the competition "take care of" and seize its customers. Fortunately for current Canon users, there are alternatives to Canon Support. Sites such as offer online chat problem-solving and repairman recommendations.