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Compact Photo Printers - 3 Things to Look For

As a society we tend to do most everything on the go. From work to play, meals, studies and the internet these are no longer activities that occur commonly in the stationary environment of the office or comfy home sweet home. We all want more, we want it now, and we don't want to have to compromise to get the same quality results on the road that we do from home.

In 2003, compact photo printers began to gain popularity when Kodak introduced the EasyShare 6000 Dock and Print self contained no PC required photo printer. Since then all major manufacturers have thrown their compact versions into the ring. This year, Kodak announced the retirement of Kodachrome (Polaroid) film after 79 years citing dramatically decreased sales, further opening the market for compacts with those who have enjoyed instant gratification with Kodachrome for years. We now as consumers have many options to choose from. Some work with PCs, some do not. Some are compatible only with their digital camera counterparts and some will read most any memory card or stick on the market. Editing tools are found to be a prominent feature on most, while other models focus on the speed at which photos can print. Most now accommodate 2 or 3 different size options for photos (including panoramic) and have either rechargeable batteries that are included with the printer or may be purchased as a separate accessory to make the compact 100% portable. With so many models and features to choose from one asks what attributes should be considered above all others to make an informed and quality choice? Of course, these attributes will differ from individual to individual; but here are the 3 points that everyone in the market for a compact should consider prior to making a purchase.

1) Function

2) Price Range

3) Reviews

1) Function: First and foremost, what will be the primary function of the printer and who is the user? Is speed of output the most important thing? Having a variety of size choices to choose from? Being able to edit photos from the printer? As a professional; does the printer need to be able to be setup virtually anywhere (i.e. wireless with battery option, card reader etc.) Does the user desire a no nonsense click and print environment? Considering the end function of the compact can ensure that the user will be satisfied overall that the compact will do the job it was purchased for.

2) Price Range: After determining what features are must haves for the intended use of the compact, it is important to establish a price range for the end purchase and then cross reference the desired features with those compacts within the desired price range. Please note: if function is more important than money spent, it may be necessary to enter a higher price range to get the features needed in the end. Conversely, if price is more important than bells and whistles; price range will help to weed out those features you may want, but not necessarily need. The strong consideration of both function and price range will help to narrow down the most ideal choices for the consumer.

3) Reviews: With all other factors considered and the list of ideal compacts in hand the last piece of evidence to take a good look at involves reading the Quality Reviews of the Compact Photo Printers on the list. Reviews from both industry experts and consumers alike will assist even the most particular shopper in making the right informed decision. Hint: avoid reviews on from the manufacturers sites themselves; they are most often bias for obvious reasons.

Taking time to do the proper research and answer the right questions will ensure your compact photo printer purchase ends in 100% portable satisfaction.

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