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The Epson Hybrid Compact Photo Printer and Photo Frame

Because the world has gone digital, many companies have created digital photo frames which allow people to be able to show off their digital photos. Digital photo frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and with a number of different abilities. You can find a basic photo frame that cycles through photos every few minutes, or you can find minute digital photo frames which fit on your keychain. One company has decided to put a digital photo frame together with a high quality printer to create a unique hybrid machine that can do a variety of things.

A New Type of Printer

The Epson Hybrid Compact Photo Printer is a new and unique type of printer. This printer is not only a printer, but is a digital photo frame. It was designed for people who love photos, so that they could show off their pictures while, at the same time, printing them out. But how, exactly, does it work?

To start with, there is a seven inch tilt digital photo display, which offers a high pixel resolution so that you can display your favorite photos. It offers twelve different slideshow formats so that you can display them in an entertaining fashion, and has a remote control so that you can display them to your specifications. But the printer isn't only designed to show photos, but to print them as well.

In this printer, Epson has put some of their best work in. This printer is a 4 x 6 inch photo printer and offers the highest maximum print resolution in its class, which creates beautiful photos that have incredible detail. And it not only does a great job, it does it extremely quickly, most often in under a minute.


There are a number of uses that most families can find for this printer. To begin with because of its compact size it can be put in a variety of locations, including the kitchen or even in the living room. You can then use it to display your photos and, should a friend or relative come over and want a copy of one of the photos that is being displayed, it is a simple matter to print the photo out with the printer.

Because the printer uses a number of different inputs, including accepting popular memory cards thanks to the built-in card slots and accepting USB thumb drives and even PictBridge devices, it is easier than ever before to transfer your photos from your devices onto the printer. You can then display, and print, your photos quickly and easily.

This printer is sold at a competitive price, especially when you factor in that it has a digital photo frame right on the printer. Created for almost any household, this is one printer that is definitely going to be noticed, and likely copied, in the next couple of years. Be sure to buy Epson ink cartridges from 123inkjets to use with your new Epson photo printer!