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Epson Printers - Continually Pushing the Boundaries

When it comes to the big names in printing, people have a good idea of who's hot and who's not. Canon, HP, Dell, and Brother are just a few companies that have created bigger and better printers. But there's still one more name that people know, and that will not be outdone by its competitors. That name is Epson.

Epson got its start in America in 1975, though its history is much, much older than that. They began selling original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components to the computer market, knowing that the area was booming and would soon grow to be much larger. In 1980, they introduced the MX-80, one of the early desktop printers. Epson understood that their products had to be high-quality as well as competitively priced, and their first printer did just that.

Epson has come a long way since then, making their first inkjet printer with 720 dpi in 1994. Only three years after that, their inkjet printers improved. The models widened and the dpi increased to 1440 dpi, including their six-color photo quality printer. Epson printers were going strong. So strong, in fact, that just a year later in 1998, NASA chose the Epson Stylus Color 800 inkjet printer for use on its STS-95 mission. The Epson brand has been to space.

Of course, Epson didn't stop there. That same year, they created a printer with the now common built-in USB connectivity, and in 1999 the Epson Stylus Color 900 was the world's fastest color inkjet printer in its class. That same year, their printers soon added FireWire capability to their list of impressive attributes. In 2000 they continued with their firsts, creating the world's first edge-to-edge 4" x 6" snapshot printing on an ink jet printer. Just two years after that, they developed the first seven-color archival desktop photo printer as well as the world's first 2 picoliter ink drop in an ink jet printer.

And Epson isn't yet finished.

With the constant shift and development of new technologies, the array of printers that Epson continues to put out is extraordinary. They are continually examining better ink ideas, improved delivery methods, and superior printing abilities. Their goal isn't just to stay ahead of the game, but to bring nothing but high-class quality to its customers and printing abilities that will stun onlookers.

The proof is in the products, as in September of 2009 they unveiled an unprecedented 17-inch printer, the Epson Stylus Pro 3880. Still relatively compact, it offers the best printing quality yet using their registered Epson UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta

ink technology. The color span is wider with very vivid hues, just as the name suggests. Epson has also developed a MicroPiezo AMC print head. This print head has the ability to create gallery quality color as well as increasing black-and-white output to as much as 17" x 22". These are only a handful of benefits that Epson plans to provide. Coupling their newest printer with amazing customer service, it's hard to find a company more ready to bring the best of the best to the consumer table.

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