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GelSprinter Technology

What's the latest dream come true for the printer world? What new technology has the capabilities of cutting printing costs for the small and medium size business and office work groups while not giving up quality?

The Ricoh Corporation, which is among the leaders in providing digital office equipment, has just unveiled their G700/G500 Series, two models that make use of GelSprinter technology. This technology combines print speed and image quality while keeping the cost affordable for small and medium size business and office workgroups. This could truly be the hybrid between laser and inkjets printing.

Small and medium size business and office groups often suffer from the high upfront cost of color laser printers. The expensive and frequent need to change the cartridges of inkjet printers makes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) prohibitive for many business. Has the Ricoh Corporation tailored made a printing technology for the small and medium business and office workgroups? Maybe so!

The GelSprinter Technology uses a soya based ink that is a fast drying, waterproof and sun-resistant. Because Liquid Gel technology is utilized instead of traditional toner or ink, the new Aficio G700/G500 GelSprinter produces waterproof and sunlight resistant prints at affordable costs. The quick drying, drying as soon as it hits the paper, Liquid Gel technology allows color double-sided documents to be produced at almost the same speed as single-sided documents. Separate ink chambers have been designed to insure the ink is completely used before a new cartridge is needed.

The GelSprinter print head, coming in at 32.3mm, is the widest in its class. With the power of about 1 Mega Pascal, about 2.5 times higher than conventional printers, the Liquid Gel is pushed through the print head. These new jewels of the print head world have been designed to last the lifetime of the printer and are anti-clogging. When the printer has not been used for an extended period of time the heads will automatically self clean. The 384 nozzles in each head produce a high 1,200 dpi image resolution.

The use of the Liquid Gel technology allows us all to be a little Greener and Planet friendly as there is no need for expensive, specially coated paper. Whether you are using the more expensive designer paper or a recycled paper there will be no smudging or blurring with the Liquid Gel technology. Even at high speed and/or low resolution, contrary to other devices, the images are solid and clear.

The electrostatic belt-feeding system on each of these models is incredibly useful. What does that mean - no more jammed papers! The belt-feeding system permits a high simplex printing of 28/30 pages per minute (ppm) for both color and black and white.

Since Ricoh Corporation has introduced us to the Aficio G700/G500 GelSprinter Series maybe at last there are affordable printers for the small and medium size business and office work groups. Eco friendly ink for recycled paper producing high quality printing - who could ask for anything more?