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GreenTech Approved Printers

The green movement is gaining momentum, and people are more interested in living a green life than ever before. No longer is it a fashionable thing to do, but a functional thing. Sometime that people see as a benefit to themselves as well as the Earth. Printers use ink that is mostly based on petroleum and puts this all over paper that is made from trees. It is hard to think of a printer as being remotely green with those parts, as well as its constantly electric usage. But with technology constantly moving forward and new ideas being implemented, even the printer can become a green product.

The magazine PCMag has their own GreenTech Approved seal that they present to certain printers that have the merits of being green. Printers have to qualify in multiple areas in order to earn PCMag's seal. The requirements do differ between printer types, as an all in one printer tends to use more energy than a single function printer, ink amounts greatly differ between a photo printer and a typical printer. But the workers at PCMag take into consideration all things and only give out their seal when they feel it is appropriate.

First they examine waste as an overall factor, as some printers have a larger carbon footprint than others. The amount of ink and paper in total can add up to quite a lot once you pay closer attention. Recycled paper is available, but sometimes a printer will not accept it as a media type, which automatically knocks it down several pegs in PCMag's eyes. Duplexing - printing on both sides of the paper - is a plus, and if a printer doesn't support it, it does not dictate the printer's downfall (as many printers still don't support duplexing), but it certainly helps as it reduces paper waste.

There are some certifications that printers can earn before given the GreenTech seal, such as being an EnergyStar machine or having RoHS certification (the Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances directive).

Packaging and recycling is also an important part, such as whether or not the printer itself was made using recycled materials, if its packaging was made of recycled materials, and whether or not the printer and its parts, such as ink and toner cartridges, can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

The company making the printer is also given a clear look, something that other green seal givers can fail to do. If the company supports environmentally friendly practices and/or organizations, they can do much better. Many companies do look for greener ways to produce their materials and leave less waste behind.

PCMag has plenty of criteria that must be met in order to earn their GreenTech seal. Visiting their website or looking through their magazine will reveal several of the printers they have decided to give the seal to. A few of these printers include the HP Photosmart Premium Fax All in One, theHP OfficeJet 6000, and the HP OfficeJet 8500.