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HP's Budget Printer, Deskjet D1660

If you would like to replace an old model or simply need your first printer, but you do not want to spend an arm and leg to get one, why not try the new budget printer presented by Hewlett-Packard. The HP Deskjet D1660, available for fewer than thirty dollars before tax may not brag many of the high-tech options of the more expensive models, but for basic printing in black and white, or even for color photographs, this printer is far more than sufficient.

For a small price, you really will not be sacrificing as this printer is capable of black and white print speeds of twenty pages per minute and color print speeds reaching sixteen pages per minute. The image quality is impressive as well. Your photos can be printed in resolution reaching 4800 x 1200 dots per inch, when printed on high-quality photo paper and that includes borderless 4 x 6" prints to hang on the fridge or frame. Plus, there is no need to feel burdened by the pictured building up on your memory card. If you do not want to pull out the computer and download, but would like to remove a few photos, why not print directly with the plug-and-print option. Print eighty photos before you have to run for more paper and it will cost you less than thirty-five dollars to replace both ink cartridges, which will print approximately 200 black prints and 200 color prints. This is all done by a printer that's largest dimension is seventeen inches and weighs less than a measly five pounds- less than the average domestic cat.

So, what would you get if you decided to spend a little more? Well, this little printer, despite it eye-appeal, impressive printing capabilities, and low price tag, does lack in a couple departments. For one thing, you better be there to catch the document as it comes spitting from the printer, because there is no tray to catch it, which means that it might fly. Also, more expensive models tend to hold more paper between refills and this printer is really designed for those who do occasional printing. It will not match the high duty cycles of expensive models, nor does one want to face the ink consumption costs required to print frequently. However, given its intended target, Hewlett-Packard hit a home run with the Deskjet D1660. It is the perfect printer for the average home user who only needs to print the intermittent document and does not have a great deal of space to store a bulky piece of office equipment.

It is highly advised that if this description fits you and you are currently without a printer, or in need of a new model, then you should be looking into the Deskjet D1660. Rather than living without a printer because of fear over high initial prices and operational costs, walk, ride, or drive to your nearest office supply store or discount chain store and purchase this lightweight, heavy-hitting printer from Hewlett-Packard.