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Hewlett Packard Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-In-One InkJet Printer - It Does It All!

If you want quality, a price you can tackle, and a printer that does everything under the sun, the HP Officejet Pro 8500 may be the printer for you.

The HP Officejet really does do everything. It copies, scans, acts as a fax machine, and of course, it prints. When it comes to an all in one printer, the HP Officejet 8500 fits the bill perfectly. But what kind of quality can you expect, and just how fast is it?

HP has been working for several years on speeding up their inkjet printers in order to make them at least as fast as laser printers. The difference between laser printers and inkjet printers was the method used to get print on paper. Because inkjets used actual ink, it took a little longer, and people had to wait for the ink to dry before substantially handling printed items. HP has perfected that idea and created HP Thermal inkjet printing. The ink sinks into paper fast and dries more quickly than before, and has implemented that into the Officejet 8500.

Though overall, the ink idea works, there are certain papers that it still acts just as any other ink, such as slicker surfaces like labels. Even weeks later, printed labels can still smear with a gentle wiping pressure of a single finger.

Still, the speed is admirable. Print speed in draft and black is as much as 35 pages per minute, while draft color is 34 ppm. If you aim for a normal quality print, it does drop substantially, to 19 ppm in both color and black. However, it is nice that the number doesn't drop lower for color.

The printer does have the ability to multitask, so while you print, you can scan or fax, or do other functions. The Officejet 8500 has a touchscreen that allows you to choose printing options directly on the printer. In some cases you can cut out the computer entirely, such as when you are copying and printing, scanning to a flash drive, and performing other functions. Any time the printer has finished a job, it lets you know by a brief little tone that people can appreciate.

Scanning quality is extremely good, whether you scan a single sheet of paper or a full color book. The image sizes are very large, but can easily be resized by most programs. You get several choices as to how you want to save the image as well, such as PDF or JPEG. Both scanning and copying are fast and efficient, the printer again letting you know when it has finished by its little sound byte.

The printer has no cables to worry about either; it is totally wireless. Setup can take a longer time than with some other printers, but it is worth it when you can connect multiple computers throughout the house to the printer.

The HP Officejet 8500 has plenty of options ready and waiting for the new buyer. Though a somewhat large printer, it performs very well and is worth the price (though it doesn't hurt to wait until it's on sale).

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