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A Review of the Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600W

The world of printers is quite amazing today. There are so many different brands, types, and models made for a multitude of different applications. For the home-based business, or even a small office, there is often the need for something that prints faster and more uniformly than what can be produced by the affordable inkjet printer. This was the exact thought that Konica Minolta had in mind when they released the Magicolor 1600W. This printer, which is intended to be the small business equivalent of the large, elaborate, and expensive commercial models, however, may not be all that an individual expects of a printer now-a-days. Perhaps a descent alternative to similarly priced inkjets- priced fewer than 150 dollars- because of the crisp text and less expensive operational costs it offers, it is likely that this machine will be replaced within a year or two of business, especially if projections are met and exceeded.

First, one must pay respects to the strengths this machine has to offer, including the very impressive duty cycle. At 35000 pages per month this machine will certainly far outperform the average inkjet for frequent printing and the black and white print speed is descent at 20 pages per minute. The quality of those prints can reach 1200 x 600 dpi. It will hold two hundred sheets of paper without the need for an additional paper tray and still maintains a notably small footprint- just slightly larger than 15" square. However, this is only half the story. Although this printer is meant for office applications and one would, therefore, not expect the fancy add-ons associated with home models- such as LCD viewing screens and one touch printing- this printer manages to fall short on many aspects that are associated with business use. Although the black and white speed is acceptable, the color speed leaves something to be desired at a rather disappointing five pages per minute and while the footprint is small, it is irksome to have to close the trays after each use to maintain the compact size, and it is not a lightweight compared to many of the inkjets on the market- weighing in at a whopping thirty-two pounds. One final point of weakness comes when the user attempts to print a double-sided document. If your company does this frequently, do avoid this printer, as duplex printing is not an automatic feature and you will be forced to re-feed each page.

Although Konica Minolta did what they set out to do by developing an affordable, small laser printer, they missed the mark on some vital points of business application. If your company does not do much color printing and is not in the practice of two-sided printing, then this printer may be a good choice because of its low cost, small size, and highly respectable duty cycle, but for those who will need the additional features now or in the near future, it may be worth the extra money to opt for a slightly more advanced model.

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