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Laser Engraving Printers: The Expense Versus the Money Making Potential

Laser engravers, which are essentially high tech printers, are set up to respond to computer commands just as your average laser printer would. However, these high-tech gadgets will do far more than placing black laser toner on paper. These modern mysteries will engrave materials of all sorts including foam, plastic, metal, glass, and wood.

There are many manufactures of these machines now and therefore the specifications, capabilities, and prices of them vary drastically. The ArtCut M40 seems to be among the least expensive model by a long shot coming in at a modest $1600.00, however the cost of these machines gets much higher very quickly. Larger machines are capable of cutting materials as opposed to just engraving. But, you might look to spend $10,000.00, $20,000.00, $30,000.00 or more on a new piece of equipment. There are many online retailers available and a simple internet search for "laser engraver" will find most of them.

This probably is not the type of purchase a home hobbyist would consider, but if you are thinking about starting a small business over the internet or by store front, you might be wise to consider an engraver. First, you will need to decide the type of projects that you want to accomplish. There are mini engravers, like the ArtCut M40 or the IE300 Mini Laser Engraver, which are perfect for small "stamping" projects and other small crafts. However, for those looking for more industrial applications or cutting, you might have to consider something like the Universal M300 laser. This is a laser engraver and cutter. You can look to spend around $10,000.00 on a used model. This brings up a good point- if you do move forward with plans to buy an engraver, consider buying used or from auction sites like, which lists several varieties currently at prices far less than retail.

The cost can seem daunting, but the abilities of these machines can be awesome for the right businesses. Weddings are made even more special when supplied with etched champagne glasses and an engraved silver knife for cake cutting. Furniture is given an extra touch of class when built with engraved wood and the award business has never been so productive. Furthermore, the manufacturing business continues to improve as engravers allow for quick and easy marking of each small part used to assemble large pieces of machinery so when something fails from wear and tear the manufacturer can be easily located for replacement parts. Some of those components can even be created with the sole use of the engraver/cutter machines saving man hours spent programming and running less specialized manufacturing machinery.

Laser engraving printers are the way of the future for many businesses. If you are entering one of those fields, you certainly don't want to be left behind. Just be sure to do your homework, and find the product that will best fit your needs. The time you spend now can mean a difference of thousands and thousands of dollars later.