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A Review of the Lexmark C544DN

Buying a printer can be a confusing, time-consuming task. It can be difficult to know which to choose and which specifications really matter to you and your business. There are models that are expensive but worth the money, while others will continue to rack up costs in repairs and ink replacement. Some models are inexpensive, but no less reliable than the costly alternatives, while others are both inexpensive and cheap. Affordable for the small business, but sufficient for a large office, the Lexmark C544DN is a top pick in the world of printers and despite the number on its price tag, it is anything but cheap. For fewer than five-hundred dollars before tax, your business can own a color laser capable of high quality, consistent, color prints every time and it will take up less room than the average microwave and before you finish reading this article, you may just be prepared to do without a hot lunch in order to make room for this machine.

Measuring at only 11.5 x 16.7 x 15.7 inches, this printer turns out 1200 x 1200 dots per inch quality for black text and manages color print worthy of your graphs and charts for the big presentation or marketing material. And, when you need it fast, look no further, this Lexmark can turn out black and white or color at a whopping twenty-five pages per minute with an impressive endurance. The duty cycle is rated at 55,000 pages per month. That is more than eighteen-hundred pages per day and it comes standard to handle two-hundred fifty pages between refilling times. However, if this is not enough to handle your office's output, then opt for an additional drawer that will hold an impressive six-hundred fifty pages, which brings your total to 900 pages. It's unlikely that it will need refilling more than once a day, if that. However, you will have to front an additional two-hundred dollars for that extra drawer. Unlike many of the competitors in this price range, however, this printer comes equipped with automatic duplex capability, which means no moving from your desk to re-feed a sheet of paper to create a two-sided document. This also assures that the flow of the office is not interrupted each time a double-sided document is desired- a highly- prized promise. Plus, there's no need to have a dedicated server. This printer will work with your network without it.

Short of a few complaints regarding the toner quality, this printer receives few, if any bad user comments on any of the sites it is published on. So for a relatively small price, your small or medium-sized business can be operating quickly and efficiently, while producing truly professional looking documents with the color graphs and charts that catch and hold attention, so your message reaches the reader. Although the C544DN, like many of the Lexmark C-Series, might not be sufficient for photo printing, this printer is more than adequate for the graphics, charts, and images necessary for your ever-so important advertising and marketing materials. It is not just prepared to grow with your company, this printer is equipped to do the growing for you.

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