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Lexmark X560 Review

Anyone who works in an office environment will tell you that there's a huge difference between a home printer and a printer that is designed to work in an office environment. The office printers are much larger than home printers, and they have many more parts inside of them than the traditional home printer does. But while they are very different, for the most part they're the same. They do the same thing and both types need to work properly. The Lexmark X560n is a business printer that is designed to help business people to get some serious business done.

What It Is

This printer is not designed for your average homeowner, so unless you have a large business it's something that you'd steer clear of. If, however, you have a business that requires that you print frequently, or you own a larger business, than this may be a good option for you. The Lexmark X560 printer is a huge multifunction laser printer that is ideally designed to help business owners to meet all of their business needs. While it doesn't use regular printer ink, it does take laser toner, which can last much longer than printer ink and which also tends to be more affordable as well.

The Good

There are many good things about this machine, starting with the network connection. The network connection is very easy to set up and it features an internal memory of 384 MB which can also be expanded if necessary, so it's perfect for small or larger businesses. The printer works for both Mac and PC systems and has a very quick speed as well. The fact that it takes toner for printer ink makes it print much faster than most inkjet printers, also ideally suited for large businesses.

The Bad

This is not a small printer, so if you're looking for something that doesn't have much of a footprint, it's definitely not something that would be suitable for you. While the setting on the printer is high enough to create high quality prints, it is not something that you can easily do with the printer, so if printing documents only is your game, than this is for you, but if not, walk away quickly.

For the most part the Lexmark X560 is a high quality printer that is perfect for larger businesses, but don't forget that it is not ideal for homeowners and the repair bill can be fairly high as well.