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Printer and Camera Bundles – All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

Purchasing a camera, printer, and associated products all together can be a money saver. As well, if your camera, printer, ink cartridges, and accessories are manufactured by the same company and designed specifically to interact with each other, you know that it's going to be a plus. However, it certainly is not a necessity to purchase them all together or even from the same manufacturer.

Depending on your photographic skills, you may prefer a more specialized and sophisticated camera than what might be included in a printer and camera bundle. In fact, the decision you make on what type of camera you use might destine your decision of purchasing the components separately or together as a package.

Hewlett Packard's HP PS7260 Photo Printer/PS733 Digital Camera Bundle combines one of the highest quality photo printers with a digital camera containing a number of extra features to enhance your picture-taking experiences. Media cards make sharing between one device and another extremely easy. You can take the memory card from the camera, insert it into a compatible slot on the printer, and print! It is extremely simple and you don't need a computer as a go-between. You can also utilize one of the printer's functions by saving the photo to your computer, from your printer, if that is what you desire. How convenient is that?

You can take advantage of many of the same functions without purchasing a printer and camera together, although depending on the brands of equipment you choose, it may prove a little more difficult if the components happen "not to play nice" with each other. That is one good quality about purchasing your components from the same manufacturer - typically they have no trouble interacting with each other.

Kodak is another camera name that is instantly recognizable to most people. Kodak has been in the picture business for years. The Kodak EasyShare C813 8.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom with G610 Printer Dock Bundle is actually has a "dock" with its printer. The camera sits atop the dock and connects with it. Photo paper measuring 4 inches by 6 inches sits in a tray, waiting to print your latest photo masterpiece for everyone to admire. This printer is specifically for printing photos from the included camera. The camera in this bundle has several great qualities about it. For starters, it has 8.2-megapixel resolution, a 3x optical zoom lens with a 5x digital zoom, VGA video, and HD still capture feature.

The Canon 2177B020 Pixma MP470 Photo All-In-One Printer and the PowerShot A630 Digital Camera Bundle also includes the option to scan, as well as print, in color. It can make copies, too. As with any product you purchase, you will need to evaluate your needs and the reason for selecting the item.

Choosing a printer and camera bundle can save you money, ensure that the equipment works properly together, and it should be relatively simple to use. The printers are generally of good quality. One factor you won't get in a bundled package is the ability to pick and choose your preference of camera and printer, if they differ from each other. That determining factor depends on the importance of that choice for you.