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Samsung's Universal Printer Driver

If you work at an office, then you already know some of the hassle of installing a new device into the network. The tech administrator is often charged with the task of doing this, putting the device in and configuring it to whatever network settings necessary. Sometimes it may not even work and the device will not be found, will not load, or cause some other host of problems, leaving the IT administrator to grumble and be annoyed just because the device does not want to work and there are plenty of other problems that need attending to.

Though over the years, adding and adjusting new devices has gotten much easier, there could still be ways to streamline the process and make business that much more effective. This is precisely what Samsung has aimed for with their universal print driver. Normally, each printer comes with a driver, and that printer must be installed with that driver. From there, the printer must be added to the network, and other printers need to be able to recognize it. Sometimes this does not always happen smoothly and even if one thing works, others may not; the printer may install well and get on the network, but other computers may not recognize it.

Samsung has created a universal print driver that does all the work. Once it is installed, it finds all the printers already on the network and connects them. The best part is that Samsung has not limited their print driver to just certain products or brands. Universal truly means universal; their print driver will find any printer, no matter who its maker may be. That claims are that it works with just about any laser printer and laser toner on the market, a great fact for businesses that may have different printers and different brands for varying reasons.

One might think that a print driver program such as this might be costly. Quite the contrary. Samsung's universal print driver is completely free and easily available for download on the internet. For those that need the user manual, that too is available for download. The simple download and easy setup may seem too good to be true. And when new printers need to be added to the network, it's no problem; Samsung's universal print driver will locate the new printers and integrate them into the system, making setup that much easier for IT administrators throughout the business world.

In fact, Samsung's UPD is not just restricted to business use either. Home users can also use it if they wish. If there is more than one laser printer throughout the house and the owners want to bring them all together on the home network smoothly, then Samsung's UDP can be of use to them along with Samsung toner or virtually any other brand.

Samsung is not the only company to develop and use a UDP. More and more brands are seeing the benefits of creating and distributing UDPs and businesses everywhere can be more efficient when it comes to their technology.