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5 Printing Tips Your Business Needs Now

1. Use quality supplies. It should come at no surprise that the best looking print jobs come from high quality printers using excellent paper and printer ink. There are a wide range of items that can be considered "high quality," so do not think that you have to buy the top of the line items. Just make sure that you are skimping in any of these areas or your customers will notice. Although a very good printer can be expensive, it will last a long time with proper maintenance and will save you money in the long run as opposed to having to replace poorly designed printers more often.

2. When you can, print in draft. There are lots of printing jobs that your business does that don't need to look their best. Rough drafts of memorandum or notes for a meeting, for example do not need to be in the darkest of print. You can use the draft function on your printer and it will print lighter and save you ink. Another option is to reuse paper that is for drafts. You can do this by putting the paper in backwards so that the print will come up on the blank side of already-used paper.

3. Use refillable or remanufactured ink cartridges. Although a fairly new concept, there are many companies that will refill your cartridges, which will save you money over having to buy a new cartridge every time it runs out. You can refill a cartridge up to 10 times and this can save you 30% or more on your printing expenses. Plus, you will feel better about your business's environmental impact because you are not throwing out cartridges nearly as often. If this option doesn't suit you, consider going with a remanufactured choice.

4. Buy paper in bulk. Buying a few reams of paper at a time from the local office supply store can be quite expensive. Not to mention the fact that you have to keep your returning every so often when your paper stash runs out. There is a better way. You can buy paper in bulk. There are many places that you can do this at. One is at warehouse stores, like Sam's Club. They have many different kinds of paper and you should be able to get the kind your printer requires. There are also online companies that sell paper in bulk. You need to find one that offers free shipping or discount shipping however, because the high weight of reams of paper it would be too costly to pay shipping by weight.

5. For bulk printing jobs, consider farming it out. Although, ultimately, you want control of all your printing jobs and prefer to do all your printing in house, sometimes you just need to get outside help. The situations that would require a print shop are bulk mailers, reports, especially those with lots of pages, and unique items that are an abnormal size or shape and will not work in your printer. It is okay to get help with some printing jobs when it will help your overall bottom line.

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