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Copy, Scan, Fax - And Then Print!

Printers can do so much, it almost boggles the mind. Barely a decade ago, we needed a separate machine for everything. A printer to print. Fax machine for instant information. Copier to copy documents. And scanners were practically nonexistent! Yet just like today's cell phones (which now act as email agents, cameras, recorders, e-book readers, maps, and more along with calling people), printers are now able to bring all of these functional items together into one big package.

Copying is one of the first added bonuses that printers can have added on to them. Being able to copy documents can be extremely important to people who run home businesses, bring work home from the office, or for students who need to have page from a library book that needs to be returned. Having a copier built into your printer can save you time, money, and gas because you will not have the need to drive down to a copy location, pay someone to make your copies, and then drive back home. This can be especially useful for people who live far from places that perform copying services.

Scanners first came as separate machines before printing companies quickly caught on that people loved the idea of a printer-scanner. Having both machines built as one saves money and energy. No longer do you need to deal with multiple cords or have your electric bill added onto with the extra machines. Scanners have even gotten better and better, recording images with amazing clarity and color. The resolution that printers boast has seemed to increase every year, and printer companies are only seeking more ways to improve.

Though faxing has diminished over the years compared to what it used to be, still has its place in today's society. You can still find businesses that request faxes and have specific fax numbers. It may take many more years before faxing goes away completely. A fax is useful because it provides you with a hard copy of a document rather than an electronic version. You can sign a document to better prove you are the person behind the pen when you fax, as opposed to a simple typed name on an electronic document.

Of course, when you've finished with whatever other function you need, you can print! Printing has always had its place and will continue to be important for many, many years to come. Printing quality has improved greatly over the years, starting from the dot matrix to the current quick-drying ink and ready to go toner. Printers can offer amazing clarity and color for photos and crisp black and white printing on documents. Printers are able to handle a multitude of media types, from printing address labels to large envelopes, colored paper and glossy paper. Almost everything you can think of, your printer can do.

All-in-one printers provide all these services, plus a few more. You can still buy these machines separate, but in most cases it would save you a lot of money to buy one machine that does it all.

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