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Customize your Resume at Home with Printer Ink

Looking for a job? Customize your resume at home to give yourself a little extra something for your prospective employer to see. If you have been looking for jobs for a while and have noticed that some of the ones you posted for haven't even responded, then this article may be for you! In the economic times that we are in, especially right now, it can be very frustrating trying to find a new job especially if you have very little experience in creating a great resume. We have some tips below that should help;

Creating and sending the same resume to every potential employer is the first mistake that most people do. Take a little time to research the company or person that you might be working for. This will also give you some insight into key phrases or industry specific verbiage to use. Not only does this show an interest in the job but it tells the hiring manager that you are truly interested.

Apply for the right position and try to avoid mass mailings. Not only are you wasting time by doing this but you are wasting money. You may think that this is easier by sending out a generic copy to as many people as you can but you might find that some of these jobs aren't really what you need or want.

Create a template that is a basic resume and then adjust it according to the industry and position. This could be an example for a secretary who has many years in private and public office positions who is comfortable in large or small offices with heavy or light workloads. Look online at the many resume styles and tailor some to your needs - be sure to save them with clear titles so you can find them quickly.

Give specific and direct Objectives, Qualifications, Work Descriptions and Skills so that hiring managers can quickly look and hopefully find what they need. Modify these areas to include phrases or words pertaining to the industry you are applying within. These areas should also list items by relevance to that position first. Example: Data Entry positions are not looking for phone answering or patient intake so if they see that first, you aren't showing that you actually performed data entry within the top skills. When managers are looking over resumes like this, they toss them aside because they don't see their needs at the top of the list.

Lastly, use professional looking paper, envelopes, and printer ink to print on if mailing out resumes or taking with you to interviews. Stay away from strange fonts as well as colors as these can distract the reader from what they are really searching for. You really don't have to spend an arm and a leg but a nicer, slightly heavier weight paper and classic font style means that you are taking pride in what you do and what you are sending out to others. By utilizing a few of these ideas, you can turn your home computer, printer, and ink cartridges into a resume building machine. Good luck!