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Customizing a Scrapbook for your Child is Easy with your Home Printer

Trying to come up with fun crafts for your kids can be a bit of a task sometimes but we have a great idea for you on customizing a scrapbook for your child - it's easy with your home printer!

Now you don't need to run out and take more pictures or spend a bunch of money of scrapbook supplies. We also try to reuse, repurpose and recycle items that we already have so you can follow those tips as well. Using left-over craft paper, photo paper and ink cartridges from 123 to keep costs down. So now to get started:

Gather all of your craft supplies because a scrapbook can utilize just about any item and you will want things in hands-reach to keep moving along, especially with younger kids! We recommend allowing kids to participate as much as possible but if you have a small group of young children, you might call in for reinforcements from other parents!

If creating a themed project, then find and gather all items for that theme. For example, if you are creating a jungle birthday party and you are going to have the crafters make a small scrapbook, then take their pictures wearing safari hats and embellish with jungle related items. Traveling can include photos of where they stopped, postcards purchased and local newspaper articles or places that were visited.

REMEMBER - It's all about creativity and being personal. It's ok if it's not perfect!

Look at the clipart on your computer to see if there are any interesting images that you can use. We even printed basic letters out in large sizes on cardstock for our daughter who attended kindergarten for her scrapbook. When we showed it to her teacher the following year, we were given all of the left over letters and numbers from the classes and asked to come in and show other parents what we did. It made for a great get-together, several times, until everyone was finished. We still have friends to this day that we made while creating those projects!

Embellishing your pages and even the pictures themselves is also another way of personalizing a child's Scrapbook. We love taking black and white photos and coloring in areas with photo pens. Very fine glitter can also be used to highlight certain areas of a photo. This is especially fun around holidays because you can really make certain images stand out with just a little effort. Even using your printer with fabric transfer paper can be used to place a photo onto fabric and then added to the book.

There are so many wonderful crafting books and ideas out there that can help you create a wonderful keepsake that you just have to give it a try. It doesn't need to be fancy and including your child in the project will give them lasting memories they will always treasure.

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