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DIY - Printer Projects

Our home printers are more than just printers, they are the tools of master craftsmen. We have created lovely home decorations by using our printer, ink cartridges, and a few items we purchased from the arts and crafts store and hardware store. All of the projects are easy to do. When using the iron-on transfer paper you must follow the instructions or you will be so disappointed with the results.

Custom Shopping Bag with Iron-On Transfers

This is a not really a home decoration but we couldn't resist doing it and then sharing the results with you. We're going to break this down into easy to follow steps.

1. First decide what kind of bag you are going to use. To work well with the iron-on transfer paper it needs to be a natural fabric. Our bag was made from 100% natural cotton.

2. Find the image or images you are going to use. There are many books containing royalty free images. Locating these books is easy enough; they are in bookstores, art stores, and on the web.

3. You will need to scan your image making sure it is the correct size. Instead of guessing you might take some measurements and save yourself some time later.

4. Load the image or images you are using into your photo editing software. Remember since you are using iron-on transfer paper your image will have to be flipped over ESPECIALLY if there is text. If you don't flip the image when you are finished you text will be backwards. If your printer has a setting for printing transfers then flipping the image won't be necessary - just make sure and do what needs to be done.

5. Print the image onto the iron-on transfer paper and closely trim the edges of the image.

6. Place the image or images on the shopping bag and iron - following the instructions included with your paper. Let the image cool for about two minutes before peeling off the backing paper.

Photo Wall Sconces

This is a very straight forward and easy job that looks like a million dollars when it's finished.

1. Pick up a light fixture with a frosted glass cover. The wall fixtures are easy to find at any hardware store. We made two wall sconces using two different but related images.

2. Load your image into your photo editing software. Be sure to size the image so it covers the frosted glass cover of the light fixture. We printed ours out on regular paper to make sure it was the correct size.

3. Using the transparency mode of your printer, print off the image or images.

4. Using lead tape, which can be found in arts and crafts stores, seal the top and bottom sides of the glass light fixture. Take your time because when the light is turned on if there are major boo boos they will show up. Make sure all bubbles are removed while you are securing the edges. We can tell you this is an easy project but you really need to take your time when you are placing the transfer on the glass light fixture.

5. Now it's time to reattach the glass shade to the fixture and flip on the light.

Are you a master craftsman or what? We told you they would look like a million bucks, and sure enough, they do.

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