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Five Features That Every iPad User Should Be Aware Of

Everyone loves the Apple iPad. It can be used to surf the net, chat online, email, play games, watch movies and more. But there are five features though that many people overlook on the Apple iPad or don’t take advantage of. These features can make a big difference and provide an easier way for you to get things accomplished.

Photo Editing

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Many people do. With a photo editing app you can edit and crop your picture without having to go to the desktop computer to do it. The pictures are larger than life and absolutely beautiful.


To create your own shortcuts go to general settings and then keyboard options. Do you have an often used phrase when you type or text? A keyboard shortcut will minimize your need to write every word down. You will be able to type in one or two letters and come up with a sentence or two if you like. This will save time and your fingertips.


Need to shed some light on something? An app for a flashlight is a handy tool to have on your iPad when there is a possibility that you will be in the dark. Use it in the movie theater, the garage and when ever your lights go out. Did you lose something behind the couch? Turn on your iPad flashlight and you are sure to find it.

Taking Notes

Tired of writing? The iPad is a great alternative to taking notes. Students especially will benefit from this tool. Typing on an iPad is so much easier than writing with your pen on paper and faster as well.


For all of those times that you struggled to calculate something in your head, this one is for you. The iPad calculator can sit right on the top of your screen. It is always there and ready when you need it.

Whatever you use your iPad for there is likely to be an app available to make your life just a little bit easier.