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My Printer is 5 Years Old - Should I Buy a New One?

Buying a new printer means another investment of anywhere from $40 to over $200, depending upon the sort of printer you are interested in. But before you step into the electronics retail store, take a step back and examine your current printer for a moment. There are a few things you should consider before shelling out the extra cash.

First, does your printer still work? A non-functional printer is generally the main reason a person should buy a new printer. You should take steps to find out if you can fix your current printer; in some cases it might fall under warranty and you can get it fixed or replaced for free. It could also be cheaper to have someone repair it rather than buy an entirely new printer. Find out if the printer itself truly is broken or if the problem exists within the computer or the cord. There are many reasons why a printer might stop working other than it has simply broken down. If your printer truly has gone to printer heaven, then make sure to recycle it responsibly and then feel free to purchase a new one.

Are you considering a new printer simply because your old printer is…old? A 5 year old printer may be old in terms of the technological world (a 5 year old computer is practically a dinosaur these days), but if it works and still has all the bells and whistles such as a scanner or a copier, then why buy a new one? Unless a major change or improvement has occurred in that time, such as ink cartridges that don't smear at all or the ability to print well over 100 pages per minute, there really is no need to buy a new printer. Don't let the constant flow of technology worry you, nor the neverending desire to obtain the hottest and newest product. After all, if it's not broken, why fix it?

However, if you are considering a new printer because you need the copy, scan, and/or fax abilities of many new printers, then that is a legitimate reason for obtaining a new one. Many people tend to upgrade for the sake of upgrading. But if you need to upgrade because you need to copy documents, scan them, and fax them places, that is a much better reason. Try selling your old printer or giving it to charity, and buy a new printer that will best suit your needs.

Do you have to buy refurbished ink because you can no longer obtain OEM cartridges? This isn't a bad reason to start looking for a new printer. However, refurbished cartridges are just as good as OEM cartridges. As long as you can continue to purchase refurbished cartridges, then there is no need to buy a new printer. It works, it has ink and/or toner, and it prints well. Why buy a new one? It is only when you can no longer find even these cartridges that you should get a new printer because by then your printer truly is out of date and you simply won't be able to print anything again.