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Giving Gifts with Meaning

Since this is the holiday season when so many people exchange gifts we thought we would give you some suggestions as you go about spreading holiday cheer with ink cartridges. When a gift is given with creativity and care, the giver often gets as much out of the gift as the receiver, and it can sometimes make a relationship stronger.

Get to know your recipient

When you are shopping for a gift take time to really think about the person who will receive that gift. What are their interests, needs, styles, hobbies and what makes that person special or unique.

If the gift is going to somebody with children or grandchildren, then maybe they would like a personalized calendar containing birthdates and other special dates or events. As you are personalizing the calendar remember to add some photos.

Is the gift for a music lover? Maybe a CD loaded with their favorite music would make the gift special. Be sure to apply a distinctive label, maybe one of photos, and by all means give the CD an exceptional name.

Get Creative

Let the gifts you give express your skills and talents. Whether you're a poet, a baker, a painter or a singer, when you give of yourself you are giving the best there is. How is there a better way to show somebody you care about them?

Homemade food items make great gifts for any occasion. Gifts don't have to be difficult to make. Make some bread and include a small jar of homemade honey butter.

Nobody can ever have too many magnets. Have a handful of photos? Resize them to be about the size of a wallet photo or smaller and glue them to magnet sheets that have been precut to size. Print a box (there are many sites online offering free box templates) and pack the photo magnets inside. Have you thought about magnetic poetry? Instead of using photos use words or verses on the magnetic that mean something special to the recipient.

A scrapbook is a sure fire way to warm the heart of the receiver. Don't only have photos in the scrapbook include text and mementos as reminders of the time you spent together. The two of you have shared something special, construct the scrapbook around that theme.

Create traditions

It's never too late to start a tradition. For example, you and that special person might go out for a birthday dinner each year. To make the evening more exciting, send him or her a personal invitation you created yourself.

Want a way to connect with people you care about? Baking is one of the easiest ways. Have a cookie baking party. Your guests will not only have a delightful time baking together they will go home with freshly baked goodies.

No matter how long or how short of a time you have known the recipient of your gift if you give from your heart it will be special. As the old saying goes "it's the thought that counts".