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Glowing Printer Ink

Let's make some printer ink - no, not ordinary ink - think glowing printer ink. It's not that difficult, and we will give you step by step advice. It's going to be great fun.

There are a few things you will need. First grab an empty ink cartridge that fits your inkjet printer. An injectible ink syringe will also be required; those usually come in an ink cartridge refill kit. From that same refill kit, you will need some of the ink. While you're at it, grab a couple small mixing containers. For the secret ingredient, you will need to have glow dust powder which can be found in arts and craft stores.

Unleash your creative yearnings

Have you ever thought about using glowing printer ink before? Now that we've mentioned it are ideas popping into your head of what you'd like to print?

Glowing printer ink will enable you to turn ordinary greeting cards and postcards into extraordinary cards to be cherished by the person receiving them. Enjoy printing glowing pictures after using different colors and shades of these printer inks.

Making glow inkjet printer ink

Following the steps below will give you glowing ink for your printer in no time.

1. In a small container combine a very tiny amount of glow dust powder with about three teaspoons of inkjet printer ink. Don't be shy about making more colors although you will be able to use only one cartridge at a time. Make a multitude of cartridges in different shades and colors for future printing projects.

2. Into the microwave goes the container holding the glow powder and inkjet ink. It will take about 30 seconds for the powder to completely dissolve in the ink and it is very important that it does.

3. Completely fill an injectible ink syringe with your glowing printer ink.

4. Using the syringe you just filled put the glowing ink into the empty printer cartridge and make sure it is well sealed.

5. Your printer cartridge is now ready to use so go ahead and pop it into the printer. Once you have printed the images with your glowing ink let them completely dry (which will take a minute or longer) for lasting effects.

The nice thing about the glowing ink is that it works so well in most inkjet printers. Make sure you wrap the glowing ink cartridge in plastic wrap and then place it in a ziploc bag when it's not being used.

So many different kinds of paper can be used in conjunction with this ink. There is no need to use a special paper for printing with the glowing ink although; iron-on transfer paper, glossy photo paper, and even glass coated paper can all be used.

Since glowing ink can be easily used on iron-on transfer paper, why not jazz up some of your T-shirts? Mix the colors and shades of your favorite team and deck out a cap or jacket. Printing some of your business advertising with the glowing ink will make it stand out.

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