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Green Printing Tips

These days, "going green" is more than just an idea - it's a way of life. We can no longer ignore environmental pollution. In order to save our planet and our environment, we have to be responsible at home and at the office. This includes everything from using recycled products to saving energy. Did you know that you can even "go green" when you use your printer? Here are some green printing tips to get you started.

Print on both sides

If you can, print on both sides of the paper. This can be done more efficiently with printers that automatically print on both sides. By printing on both sides of the paper, you will use less paper and therefore, waste less. You will also save money because you won't have to purchase as much paper as you did before. Remember to only print what you need to print. Edit the document before you click "print" so that you do not waste paper by making corrections after the fact.

Print on recycled paper

It's easy to find and purchased recycled paper. Use it whenever you need to print something. You can also use chlorine-free paper with post-consumer fiber. This kind of paper is better for the environment. Remember: before you use any ink, think - why aren't you using recycled or environmentally friendly paper? Make a habit of recycling paper at your home and office as well.

Use remanufactured ink cartridges

Refurbished cartridges are just as good as new cartridges. They cost less and they reduce the amount of plastic waste you can contribute to the nearest landfill. It's easy to purchase refurbished cartridges. They are sold in single and multipacks, and are available for a variety of printer models, makes and manufacturers. If more people purchased refurbished cartridges, we might not have as much pollution and excess waste as we do today. If you can, purchase refurbished cartridges with environmentally friendly ink. You'll kill two birds with one stone.

Make your document available online

If you have the ability to make your document available online, do so. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you'll also cut your printing costs down as well. There are some documents that require printing, especially if you need a hard copy. But, if you are creating a flyer for your business, party or educational program, then you can easily send it through e-mail instead.

Turn off your computer and your printer

Most people leave their computer and printer on without even thinking twice about it. When you leave the office, or the computer room at home, make sure that all of your electronic equipment is turned off. You wouldn't leave a light on all night if you weren't in the room, would you? Treat your computer and your printer the same way. If you aren't using your computer and printer, turn them off. You will save more energy than you think.

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