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Holiday Gift Tags and Ribbon with the Help of your Printer

If you would like to give your holiday gift packages a little something special as far as wrapping is concerned, why not consider homemade tags and ribbon. Not only will these decorative elements add a touch of whimsy, but they can also save a great deal of money compared to some of the nicer store bought versions. Plus, this project is not difficult, requires very little artistic know-how, and can make a huge impact as far as the eye-appeal of your holiday wrapping is concerned.

To begin the gift tags you will need to purchase printer-sized card stock. This is a heavier weight paper, about the thickness of most index cards. It comes in a variety of colors that span the rainbow, including traditional colors, as well as neon pinks, greens, and oranges, and pastel pinks, blues, purples, and more. So you certainly do not need to limit yourself when it comes to this craft. You may also consider purchasing some laminating film to protect your cards if you feel that they are extra special and someone may want to treasure them long into the future. This film can be purchased from craft supply stores in individual 8 ½ x 11 sheets or if you are among the fortunate soles, you might find yourself with access to, or in ownership of a laminating machine. Either way, this film attaches to either side of your craft, overhanging each side slightly to create a lasting seal to protect against some water damage, add strength to the piece, and seal in ink.

With these materials on hand, you can begin to design your tags on the computer. There are several templates offered through word processing software like Microsoft Office, and you can also locate many online with a simple internet search, but do not be afraid to create your own. There is no specific size required.

Once you have added the desired images, text or both, you can load your printer with the card stock and print. Cut around the image and use a hole-punch in a corner or on one end so you can thread the card with ribbon to affix it to the gift. If you would rather have adhesive tags, try replacing the card stock with adhesive label paper, available at office supply stores. With this you can simply cut around the image, remove the backing and adhere directly to the wrapping paper. You may also consider personalized ribbon to adorn the gift- another fun and relatively easy task.

To begin this, simply purchase a solid ribbon at least ½" wide. You will also need some inkjet friendly heat activated transfer printer paper, which once printed on can be applied to any fabric using a common household iron. For this create text approximately the height needed to fill the ribbon, leaving a small border above and below, on the computer. Copy and paste the text to fill the page, ensuring that you leave enough space between each to easily cut them out. Once created, load the printer with the transfer paper and printer. Next, carefully cut around the image and follow the directions for that brand of paper to apply it to the ribbon.

Once completed, your holiday gifts will have a unique, homespun touch that will enhance the gift giving experience for sure.