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How Flower Meanings Can Help You Pick the Perfect Mother's Day Bouquet

Did you know that certain flowers carry with them specific meanings? Using flowers as symbols dates back to the Victorian age – a period of time when conveying feelings through symbolism was a popular practice. In this article, we go through the meanings of some of the most popular flowers so you can truly tell your Mother how you feel about her.


If you’re fortunate enough to have both a friend and a loving parent in your mother, yellow roses are an appropriate addition to your Mother’s Day bouquet, as they represent friendship. Red roses, although used by many to represent romantic love, are also a popular choice for Mother’s Day. Red roses were sacred to the Greek goddess Isis, who was seen as the ideal mother, and also represent the Virgin Mary. Pink roses signify grace, elegance and appreciation.


Lilacs are a popular choice at weddings since they signify new love. However, they are also used to represent the love between mother and child, making these flowers a perfect choice for Mother’s Day.

Pink Tulips

Pink Tulips represent caring. A fitting sentiment to convey to your mother this Mother’s Day.


Like many flowers on this list, the meaning of a carnation depends on its color. Yellow carnations represent cheer, white ones remembrance, and pink ones convey gratitude. All are appropriate feelings to convey to your mother. However, you would be wise to avoid striped carnation, as these represent refusal.


Peony is the national floral symbol of China. In Chinese the word peony means “beautiful.” In many cultures, these blooms stand for riches and good luck - all wonderful Mother’s Day wishes to express to your mother this Mother’s Day.