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How to Print from a Smartphone or Tablet

Although many people are less dependent on printing than they once were, we still have items that we simply can’t leave trapped behind a screen. Be it school reports, grocery lists, boarding passes or letters, printing is still a necessity and the paperless revolution may be longer in coming than expected. Wireless printing, then, is a welcomed sound for those of us who still have a need for printing as it allows us to make our projects tangible with a few clicks of the mouse or, when it comes to smartphones, a few taps of the finger.

Smartphones make it incredibly easy to print while on the go and frees us from being shackled to a desktop in order to complete a print job. Learn how printing is now easier and more convenient thanks to wireless printing with a smartphone.

Establishing a Network Connection

To begin, you’ll have to make sure your device can successfully communicate with your existing network. This will require a wireless network in order to allow your phone’s wireless printing capabilities.

Use the device’s setup options to connect your smartphone or tablet to the network. Turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi mode and allow it time to search for your existing network. Once the network has been located, highlight the network name in the setup menu and enter the requested credentials. Once you’re connected, you can print wirelessly by choosing your network printer from within the print application, then selecting the print command.

Although not every smartphone comes with a printing app, third-party ones are widely available. You’ll need to download the applications with your mobile or tablet device. Once installed, launch it on your phone and connect it to your wireless device.

Printing a Document from your Mobile Device

Many smartphones and tablets already have printing capabilities, but they may be absent on older models and might require the installation of new applications to allow for successful communication with the printer. The manufacturer’s website of your specific printer will sometimes have applications for use with their printers available for download.

Big printer names like Brother, HP and Epson offer apps that allow you to connect to their printers. For iOS devices, you can download AirPrint from Apple, and Google Cloud Print allows you to print documents directly from a Gmail or Google Docs account. HP’s ePrint lets you email print jobs from your mobile device to any ePrint-enabled printer.

Take Advantage

Wireless printing from your smartphone gives you the freedom to print on the go in a matter of seconds. Once you complete a quick and easy setup process, you’ll be enjoying the convenience of mobile printing. Best of all, this convenience comes at little to no additional cost. Current smartphones and tablets come equipped with wireless printing software, and printing applications are easily available from most major printer manufacturers. You may encounter a small cost, but only if you have an older smartphone that forces you to purchase a third-party application.