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How to Use Google Cloud Print

Setting up a Google Cloud Ready Printer

A Google Cloud Ready printer is the easiest way to get started with Google cloud printing. A full list of current printers that are Google Cloud Print Ready can be found here. The list contains a large number of printers from varying manufacturers, so if you’re seeking a new printer and feel that this is a convenience you can’t do without, check out the list.

The steps for setting up a cloud ready printer will vary by manufacturer and model, but the instructions will be straight-forward and follow the same general process. Click here for instruction on enabling the google cloud feature for your particular printer model.

For the sake of example, we’ll go through the steps for setting up a Canon Pixma MX922. First, connect the printer to your Wi-Fi network and register it with Google through the printer’s built-in menu system. The printer will then print out a shortened URL and QR Code which can be used on either your phone or computer to log into your Google account and complete the registration process.

Once you have the printout, finish the registration as quickly as you can since you only have 14 minutes to complete the process. Once you’ve finished registering, access this Google page to manage all of your printers. From here you will be able to see which printers you have, when they were added, and past print jobs that have been completed.

Adding a Standard Printer to Google Cloud Print

Luckily, Google cloud isn’t limited to cloud ready printers – you can set up this feature on regular printers as well. The first step is to make sure the printer you want to use is connected to the computer you set it up on. Also, confirm that you’ve installed the latest Google Chrome browser and that the latest printer driver is installed on your printer. If you’re not sure if you have the latest printer driver, you can visit your manufacturer’s website where you’ll be sure to find it.

Once the above is complete, using Chrome, log into your Google account and go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings. Scroll down to the Google Cloud Print section and click the “Manage” button.

You’ll notice a section entitled “Classic printers.” Click the “Add printers” button located below it.

The following screen will reveal the “classic printer” you want to add to your account. Check the box next to your printer and click the “Add printer(s)” button at the bottom. For the sake of convenience, select “Automatically register new printers I connect.”

Printing From a Mobile Device or Computer

After you’ve set up your printer, you’ll also be able to print from your Android or iOS mobile device. There are several printing apps you can use, but the easiest one is probably Chrome. To print, simply select the settings icon located in the upper right hand corner and tap “Print.” This will bring up a menu from which you can select the printer you set up. When using your Mac or PC, you can simply hit Ctrl+P to bring up your printer.

Google Cloud Print not only gives you the freedom to print anywhere with a wireless connection, but you can also share your printer with whomever you choose. As long as they have Google Accounts, you can enable anyone you’d like to print wirelessly to your printer by following these simple steps:

  • Go to the Google Cloud Print management page
  • Select Printers on the left side
  • Choose the printer you wish to share
  • Click the share button
  • Choose a descriptive name for your printer
  • Enter the email address for the individual you'll be sharing with in the dialog that appears
  • Click Share
  • The individual you selected will receive an email notification. If you choose at some point to disable sharing from this individual, follow the same steps above to get back to the Sharing dialog where you can edit the user list.