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Konica Minolta: Streamlining the Printing Process

Running a business is about several things. One of these things is efficiency. When a business is run with the most efficiency possible, it works better, faster, and easier. There are many different ways a business can be improved upon in this manner, whether it's better organizing the duties of personnel or finding ways to make the technology more advanced.

In the case of some businesses, streamlining technology is the latest move. Thanks to Konica Minolta Business Solutions, whose focus is on networking and printer services, businesses all over that use their technology can take a step forward into easing the load off their IT workers' backs. Konica Minolta has created a Universal Print Driver that connects all networked printers.

Previously, printers hooked to the network all required their own print driver. Each printer installed on a computer and a network had to be done with the print driver it came with - even if all the printers were of the same make and same brand. Not just printers either - each and every networked device had to be installed on its own, taking up time and energy from IT administrators and others when they may be needed for more important activities.

Konica Minolta, however, has created their universal print driver and brought it to light for all businesses to use should they have Konica Minolta products. A single driver core recognizes all the printers on the network, both Konica Minolta printers as well as other brands. Essentially, administrators plug in the printers, run the driver, and the system is set. Quick and efficient, it takes much less time to handle and install, and makes managing all other separate devices much easier.

The universal print driver also makes it easy to add on new products. A new printer can be brought in and up, running, and on the network in a matter of minutes. Even better, their driver gives users the ability to find just the right printer they need. If one worker needs a printer that has the capability of color, larger sizes, or other specifics, a simple search will reveal all the printers that can perform such functions. The worker can then choose the printer they want, and print. No more searching the office for the right printer or papers getting lost with others.

Thanks to Konica Minolta toner, costs for businesses have decreased while productivity has increased. The very thing every business dreams of. Large workloads are easily handled and IT professionals have more time on their hands to address more serious problems rather than installing or reconfiguring devices to get them to connect or communicate with other devices on the network. Konica Minolta was smart not to exclude third party printers, knowing that not every office strictly uses one brand for various reasons, and the company's flexibility will make them a desirable partner for future purchases.

If you work in an office setting, or some other area that uses several printers in a networked fashion, perhaps considering Konica Minolta's universal print driver can help streamline your business.