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Why Laser Printers are Best for Text and Speed Combined

Are you printing thousands of pages per month or do you share a printer with a network of employees who are all clamoring for the next position in line to print?  If so, then perhaps it is time to consider a new and improved printer.  Today’s manufactures are pulling out all stops to create the next office genius.  Their printers are not only printers, but also serve as fax machines, copiers, and scanners.  It is becoming a world of compact business.  So what is the best buy for your needs?  While inkjet printers continue to win praises for their photo-printing capabilities, laser printers continue to hold ground as the quickest printers.  They also produce more uniform text while handling more paper per tray.  This is due to extra paper trays and a larger memory capacity.  Therefore, lasers can print more economically and may also come equipped with better drivers, which makes for easier networking.

Want speed? How about up to forty-seven colored pages per minute?  There is not a single inkjet printer on the market that can touch that speed.  This is simply because inkjets rely on placing individual, microscopic dots of ink to form an image, whereas laser printers can draw the image then apply toner in a fraction of the time.  They also save you time because they are now available wirelessly, which means no getting up and transporting your laptop to plug in and print.  Plus, the ever-increasing size of feeding trays- now holding as many as 600 sheets or more at one time- mean less refill time, so you can put it to use in a more practical manner.  Despite the poor reviews received for resolution as compared to photo quality inkjets, laser printers today are turning out images of quality far exceeding that of only a few years ago- up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.

If you do decide to buy a laser printer, be prepared to look at a wide range of models.  The best way to begin narrowing the field is to decide whether you will need a color or monochromatic laser.  Does the small business use a lot of colorful charts? Are the documents printed at home in color or grayscale most frequently?  Is it worth slightly slower print times to introduce color into your documents?  Is it worth a little extra investment to have color-printing capabilities? Do you require the highest resolution scanning?  Would you spend extra to have a fax machine and copier built in?  How many prints will be made on the printer per month?  Is networking essential? Prices can vary significantly depending on how you answer these questions. The least expensive laser printers can cost as little as fifty-dollars, but for high-end models capable of many of these extra tasks you could spend over four thousand dollars. Whether you choose small and less equipped for home or large and fully-loaded for the office, you can be certain that when you need speed, but insist on quality, laser printers are the way to go.

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