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Making Dad a Personalized Father's Day Tie

A tie for Dad- it's the traditional gift of all gift-giving holidays and given the large selection ties today, it can be a great deal of fun picking one out. Even more fun is creating a personalized one just for dad. This is actually a simple task now-a-days because discount chain, office supply and craft supply stores offer a special printer ink friendly transfer paper. This paper is activated with the heat from a common flat iron to form a bond with any fabric.

You will also need a solid colored tie. There are transfer papers made specifically for darker colored fabrics, so do not fear these, but in many cases, solid white ties work best for this project. You can find solid white neckties for relatively little cost online. You will also need scissors, flat iron, an ironing board, and of course a design of some sort. You have full freedom as to the design you choose. You can use a child's drawings by scanning the image to word processing software. You may need to resize the image using the adjustment box to make it the right size for the project. Or, you can use family photos, artistic photographs, clip art, or internet images found at sites like If Dad is a true business guru, try using his company's logos, or if you are considering marketing your creation, you might think about purchasing images at royalty free photo sites or those that offer stock photography. You will have to use a photo editing software to resize and crop these photos to fit your tie front. The standard tie is 3 ¼" at its greatest width. That means that you should size your photo with a width slightly smaller than this. The width you use will depend on how long the image is- the longer it is, the thinner it will need to be to fit on the tie front. If you are using a simple pattern you will not have to be as concerned with sizing and will actually want to allow for a little extra width to ensure the whole tie front it covered.

At this point you can add text, a decorative border or create a collage of several art pieces. You may also want to save the file for later use. Then you can load your printer with the transfer paper, ensuring that it is loaded correctly so the image will be printed on the proper surface. When done printing, trim around the image and prepare the ironing board and iron. It is best to consult the directions on the packaging that the transfer paper came in.

Dad will certainly be proud to wear this work of art. If you want to give it a more childish flair, allow your child(ren) to add further embellishment Fabric paints, glitter glue, or even kid-friendly fabric markers may be just the thing. Just imagine his or her face when it is worn in public for the first time. Or, make a few different ties related in theme and package them in a tie box for an extra special gift. The uniqueness of your present is sure to receive a smile from even the most hardened business man in your life.