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Making A Photo Collage and Printing It To Frame

By using most images within your picture pile, you can start making a photo collage and print it to frame with some basic tips. The secret to this project is recycling items and photos into a beautiful work of art. It can be done very easily and doesn't need to cost a lot to create. Re-purposing items as well as using remanufactured printer ink along with using craft papers helps to make this a success!

You will need to have some basic crafting tools, photo paper as well as some basic frames to start off for your project. Gather all of your crafting items together and think about the theme of your collage - perhaps you have been traveling lately. If you can print out basic pictures, then you can also arrange and embellish those into a wonderful collage to show off your adventures. The secret is to make it your own by adding the photos that you like.

Play around with different sizes to print. You don't always need to see the whole face - eyes can be very dramatic and can easily make a statement! Once you have printed the pictures that you wish to use you can either cut them out or create the collage on your computer to fit the frame. You can even use shaped paper punches if you want to arrange them by hand in unique shapes.

For cut-out, printed pieces, move the pieces that you have around in the frame before you start gluing them to cardstock or fabric. This way you can see what image will be best and move some accordingly. For the travel theme you could add memorabilia such as the tickets too. It doesn't have to be just photos you know! Kids themes are always a blast and your child can help to design a collage that they can keep or give away as a gift. Adding lines from their favorite book is just an idea to get them inspired.

Once you have your arrangement set, then you can go about gluing them or printing the whole collage - we recommend paper craft glue specifically for photos so the images last longer. Most craft supply stores will have what you need. Decorative paper can also be used as well as fabrics or ribbons to help tie everything together. We made our mom a photo frame of her grandmother with the only photos we had copied and printed and then added some of the fabric and ribbon scraps she had in her sewing box around the frame itself. The gift brought us all to tears once it was opened. Our mom keeps it on her bedside table to remind her of her grandmother's legacy of creating handcrafted quilts.

Once you have created your photo collage and decorated it, sign it! It's your work of art and by signing and dating the piece (on the back is fine), you remind that person of the special gift that they received from you. This way it can also be passed on to another family member to be cherished and treasured for always!