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Making Your Photo Prints Last Longer

When we print out our photos, of course we want them to last for a very long time. We don't want them to fade or turn unnatural colors or have the color flake off. We will be giving you some tips to help your photo print outs last longer.

The printer you choose to use has a great deal to do with how long your photo print outs will last. You will choose from one of two different types of photo printers. The first one is a dye sublimation printer and the second is an inkjet printer. With the dye sublimation printer special paper has to be used so the layers of dye are fused to the paper. These printers can be very expensive, on the upside the print outs are water and dirt resistant.

Then we have the inkjet printers, which are the most common printer for photo printing done at home. The printer cartridges have greatly improved over earlier printer models. These printers are the least costly of the two printer types. The photo print outs are more water resistant due to the advancement of the pigment technology. Inkjet printers that have been designed to print photos may have more than six colors which will grant enhanced color gradation along with color matching.

Needless to say, when the proper photo paper is selected it will add to the longevity of your photo print outs. Selecting a paper your printer manufacturer suggests is truly the way to go, more often than not we don't follow those suggests. We sometimes purchase photo paper in bulk from online vendors and we also buy it when we find it on sale. Whichever paper you use think about using glossy paper as it seems to last the longest.

You might have spent a fortune for your photo printer but if it is not properly maintain chances are it will not produce photo print outs with good quality or ones that will last very long. Just as with any other machine or appliance maintenance is a must. One of the biggest problems with inkjet printers are they will clog if not used on a regular basis. If the printer head should get clogged use the printer's utility software to unclog it.

For the best quality and the longest lasting photo print out, you need to make sure the printer is clean and has minimal or no buildup of dirt or dust, either internally or externally.

Since you are spending so much time concentrating on the longevity of your photo print outs why not spend a little time on the quality of the photo itself? Use the best quality digital camera you can. There are many top notch digital cameras on the market that don't cost an arm and a leg. Most of the time digital cameras come with their own photo editing software. You might think about putting it to use. Clean up the photo, eliminate red eye, tweak it here and there a little to create the best possible photo before it is ever printed.