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Poster Printing - A Good Home Project or Best Left to the Professionals?

Printers have so many facets to them, it's hard to imagine what they are not capable of doing. Take a walk into any computer retail store and you'll see rows of printers, ready and waiting to demonstrate their capabilities to customers. Each one has a set of facilities, whether it's copying and faxing, or being the fastest inkjet printer to date. When people think of posters, they think of very large printouts. And rightly so.

Posters are meant to be large. However when it comes to printing them, that only leaves you with two options. You can either buy a printer (a large one) that actually has the ability to print out posters, or you can create a piecemeal poster using the right type of software.

There are some printers out there, such as those made by Canon, that are of professional grade and can print nice, glossy posters of up to 1.5 meters in width. But unless you are a poster fanatic, obtaining a massive printer is a big investment that most people aren't too keen on. That leaves you with the only other option.

Printing a poster…page by page.

First, you'll need a poster making software. There's no need to buy one as there are free ones out there (such as one made by Posteriza). By using the software, you can take images or uploaded photos and transform them into larger than life versions. It's best to have a high-quality color printer that does well with borderless printing in order to get the best results. The program cuts up the image into several pieces depending upon how large you want the poster to be. You can pick and choose your sizes, and the program will adjust to your needs. Once it has finished dividing up the picture, all you need to do is print.

From there, you will have to cut out some of the pieces (as not all images will fit uniformly on the papers). Using exceptional photo paper is a good choice because it will help to preserve your poster for a long time. When all the pieces are ready, you can assemble them to see the finished product and mount it on your wall or door.

The downside to printing your own posters is the fact that you have to put it together piece by piece. It will take a great deal of printer ink as well. In most cases, it is best to choose professional printing as they can provide you with a whole poster that has high-grade resolution and coloring. You can give them the layout and design and they can create it for you for one flat price that may trump the amount of money required to buy more ink cartridges.

However, if you like the artsy piecemeal look or don't mind the ink use, creating your own poster could be a fun and inspiring project to try. After all, it could be easier to take down and store than a large roll of paper.