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Print Fun Customized Stickers for Kid's Play

Need some inspiration on getting your kids involved in something to do? Well, how about helping them design and print fun, customized stickers for kid's play. Whether you have a budding fairy princess or a rough and tough cowboy in your home, you can help them to be creative as well as giving them something fun to do! Making your own stickers can be fun and economical as well. This article will provide a few tips to make this an exciting time.

Most of the items that you will need you will probably already have in your home; a printer, plain printer paper, computer graphics (or you can make your own) and some label or sticker printer paper. You can find sticker printer paper almost anywhere now but full sheets of label printer paper works just as well. I have to warn you that once you start this, you may find that you are creating more and more projects for yourself! We use them for a creative way to label kids toy bins, creating fun road-trip projects and even school projects with ink cartridges. There are so many different shapes and sizes to create and use that you might find yourself going sticker crazy.

You can use basic Word templates and clip-art to start with but then you can work into creating your own designs or even using pictures to create one-of-a-kind images. Test the images to get the right shape, size and color and then print out onto the sticker printer paper. Make sure to leave the sheet alone for several minutes to allow for any drying time. We usually print one sheet at a time and carefully move it over to a drying area. This way you can keep printing without the worry of rubbing or smearing the images on your paper. Spraying the dried images with some clear acrylic will also help in keeping the images stable.

You can also try using borders and different things as stickers - use your imagination. Our daughter loves paper dolls so when we are going on a road trip, we look at the different borders that we have, color them and print them out for her to use as unique doll clothes. Our neighbor's son loves dinosaurs and he imagines them with different kinds of skin so we print off different colors of animal skins for him to customize his own dinosaurs with.

How about larger stickers for birthday banners that the kids can create or goody bags to make to keep them occupied while you are getting the cake? Holiday parties are also a good time for keeping little hands busy while family dinners are being prepared. Taking just a few ideas and creating some unique stickers for your kids to use can be a fun afternoon project for any stay at home mom or dad. The kids can help create as well as cutting them out with basic paper punches or scissors. Then the real fun begins. We hope these tips and compatible printer ink cartridges can help you to have some fun with your kids too!