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How to Print Pictures When You're On the Go

Cameras are no longer what they were. There is no more waiting for film to develop, no more rolls of film to buy. Cameras are simply point and snap, with plenty of memory to hang on to dozens and dozens of photos. With a memory card, they can carry even more.

But what about when you are traveling and want to give pictures to your friends? True, the most popular way now of handing out photos is via computers, emailing images once you download them from your camera into your computer. But what about tangible photos? Sending emails full of pictures to friends means they have to print them out on their own, but what if you want to offer them actual photos during the trip?

That is exactly where small photo printers come in. Companies from HP to Canon have designed compact photo printers for just this purpose. Photo printers are specially made to be taken with on trips or to special occasions so you can print images right then and there. They can print on various types of paper such as glossy or matte. And now they have more features than ever.

Many compact photo printers come with a simple touch screen that allows you to make changes and add unique touches to photos without the need of a computer. You can include borders around your photos, and some photo printers even offer interesting colors such as gold to incorporate into your pictures.

Photo printers each print at a different rate. Most printers can print high quality photos in under thirty seconds. There is no need to cut out pictures; they are already just the right size for great keepsakes. Many printers can deliver photos in a variety of sizes, such as 9 x 13 cm, 10 x 15 cm and 13 x 18 cm. Photo printers use instant-drying, lab quality photo ink in order to ensure that photos dry quickly so you can handle them within mere moments. The ink combines with the paper specially designed to absorb and handle the ink means that you don't have to worry about smudging when you hand them over to friends and family.

Photo printers are very versatile. If you are at home and have pictures stored on your computer, you can connect it to the printer and instantly get great photos. Pictures that are stored on USB devices can be plugged directly into the printer and you can use the touch screen in order to print directly from the USB. Or if you are out traveling and all you have is your camera, that's fine too. Cameras can connect with printers either by directly mounting the printer or by a short USB cable. Then you can print to your heart's content!

Today's technology even goes a step further-pictures printed out today can last for generations upon generations. They are meant to resist fading. Canon even boasts that their printed photos can last for up to a staggering 100 years!