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Print Portraits on Canvas Paper with an Inkjet Printer

Today we would like to explore the idea of using your Inkjet printer for creating art. Did you happen to know that you can print portraits on canvas with an Inkjet printer? Well, you can and it isn't very difficult and can produce some wonderful gifts for the holidays as well! All you really need is your home inkjet printer, canvas printing sheets, photos or digital art to print, some basic software to help print it out and these simple tips from 123inkjets.

Choosing an image - to get started, you will want to have an image uploaded onto your home computer or pictures that you have uploaded form your computer. You can even scan a painted piece of original artwork that you may have created already. Please make sure if you copy an image from the Internet, that you have permission to do so!

Canvas - you will need canvas sheets form your local craft or office supply store. These usually come in 8 x 10 or 9 x 14 sizes. You can also find larger sized sheets online if needed. These sheets are not the same as regular canvas so please be aware of that fact - we already tried!

Image - Pull up the image in your Photoshop, Windows Photo Gallery or other software that may already be on your computer and adjust the image as you like. You may even try it in black and white and then paint or color in some of the image yourself. Most of the online craft forums suggest using images that looks like an oil painting already. This way once it prints out, it will look more like an image that was hand painted. Of course you can try different aspects of this by printing multiple images on one page with several different fonts, etc. Once you have what you like, you can move on to creating your final product. Pull up the image in your Photoshop, Windows Photo Gallery or other software that may already be on your computer and

Print - once you have your finalized image, it's time to print. Because the canvas sheet is thicker than even most cardstock, you will want to choose a "heavy" or "thick" paper option under the "Properties" tab. Make sure your "Quality" setting is in high and the correct size of the canvas sheet is selected. Some printers also have a lever that you can adjust for thicker sheets so check that as well. Now you can print!

If you enjoy this type of craft you can certainly find a multitude of images on the Internet or your albums of pictures. Make sure you are getting permission if using other photographers works though! Try to be aware of recycling while working on your projects as well to keep waste and cost to a minimum. Using remanufactured ink cartridges is an excellent way to reduce as well as buying canvas sheets in bulk to get better pricing! It never hurts to save a little money while saving the waste! Have fun with your projects and enjoy creating your own canvas portraits.