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Print Professional Resumes at Home

With the economic times the way they are and with the ease of locating potential work positions online, creating a great resume that catches attention is a must. If you are interested in staying at home but are wary about joining a "Work At Home" job, then you may want to think about and offer to print professional resumes at home. If your situation allows, you can stay at home or work part-time while helping others who may be comfortable speaking to people face-to-face but may not be so great at getting their point across on paper. We have a few ideas to help anyone get started with creating resumes at home with basic supplies and equipment.

Basic Equipment - Most home computers or laptops will have everything that you will need as far as word processing goes. A Laser or Inkjet printer will be needed, but again, most home office printers are also fine for printing professional looking resumes. The only other supplies you will need is paper to print on and extra printer cartridges. We always suggest buying paper in bulk to save money as well as using remanufactured ink cartridges from a reputable site. This way you can save money and help the environment.

Cover Letter - Creating a cover letter is part of a professional resume and will provide client-specific information to address a particular companies needs. This is where you can target in and provide specific information based on researching the company just a little. If you know a little something about who you are approaching, then you are a little closer than some others in getting their attention.

Resume - Most people have a basic understanding of what a resume should look like but for what positions are these suited for? If you are a highly trained technical student you really don't want the same basic layout as high school student looking for their second summer job. Although there are not many different styles of resumes, there are differences that can help to increase your odds of standing out. Speaking with the potential client for just a few minutes will also give you some insight in a resume style and what their particular needs are. Use this information to complete a professional resume tailor made for the position as well as the person.

Posting Service - Adding this as an additional service can really create a feeling of professionalism between you and your client and will provide them some extra time to do other things. They can focus on interviewing while you post resumes into online platforms for them. Internet job boards are numerous and if you can add this feature to your services, you may find a friend who will be happy to spread the word about your exceptional service!

Remember that you are assisting a potential new employee by marketing their skills in a professional manner and can improve the amount of interviews and contacts by providing such a valuable service. Start by speaking to your neighbors, friends and family who might need your services and spread out from there. Once you have a few done, ask for testimonials and create a Blog for people to visit and see what you offer. You never know where the path may lead you and helping others can be truly rewarding.