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Printing Address Labels with Printer Ink

If you want your letters and packages to look professional and personalized, printing out some quality address labels can be exactly what you need.  Address labels can come in many sizes, depending upon what you require, and by taking the time to personalize them, you can give a little extra flair to your name or company.

Start by deciding what sort of labels you will need.  The most common type is return address labels, and you can typically find self-adhering labels by Avery at just about any office supply store.  The typical address label size is 1”x2-5/8”.  If you need larger labels, such as for big packages or large envelopes, generally you should look under shipping labels.

Most printers will easily be able to print on these labels.  If you have an inkjet, be careful not to touch the printer ink right away.  Labels tend to be made of smoother materials than typical paper, and the ink can smear if you are not careful.  Let printed sheets sit for a while before handling them.  You should also be aware of how your printer picks up and feeds paper through.  You will want to print on the correct side of the label sheet the first time in order to avoid wasting ink—especially if you use colorful graphics.  No one wants to waste color ink, as it is often more expensive than black ink cartridges.

Once you have your labels, you can start to create the images and words that will be printed on them.  Many websites offer free label templates.  Double check to make sure you are downloading templates that match the label size(s) you purchased.  This way you will not have to edit or resize the template too much.  Most of the label templates you download include a graphic and a pre-written address in order to indicate where you should put your own address and graphic (should you want one).  From there you can simply go about making changes.

Find the kind of graphic you want and delete the original, replacing it with your desired one.  If the graphic is too big, you can always resize it.  There are numerous options when it comes to graphics; you can use one that reflects an aspect of your personality, your business logo, or you can even use seasonal graphics for when you send out holiday cards.  Type in your address and resize the font as necessary.  Make sure it remains within the parameters as set by the template or you risk printing outside the label.  You should avoid using fonts that are too fancy to ensure that people can read the text.

Once you are finished, you can print!  You should have a full sheet of address labels that you can use for whatever you need.  Make sure you save your improved template patter to use in the future.  Whenever you need more, simply open the file, add a label sheet to your printer tray, and print.