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Printer Ink Cartridges and College Reports 101

You are in college now, no longer bound by the same rules, regulations, and watchful eyes within high school walls. However, there is still an incessant demand of your instructors that you attend classes, prepare for exams and complete assignments including papers on a multitude of different subjects. However, despite the interruptions that may be caused in your social calendar, these papers are a favor to you.

Think of each as a piece of your professional portfolio. After all, college is a first step toward your ultimate career. Recall that a portfolio should contain your best works. Therefore, do not short change yourself in content. Take the time to make each piece wonderful.

Secondly, dear college students, please be aware that your professors (as well as potential employers) are not as oblivious as you may think. Take the few extra moments to Google another source, or add intelligent filler, but make sure you are not one of those students adjusting fonts, borders, and line spacing in order to fulfill the minimum page requirement. Consider graphics add eye-appeal to your paper and add necessary length. Graphs, charts, and related images are excellent ways to add to any assignment.

Additionally, be sure to avoid a common white-collar crime- plagiarism. One study has suggested that just over a third of college students have plagiarized their work. Authorities and instructors have found ways to combat this growing problem through the use of plagiarism checking sites, and that can lead to failing grades or even expulsion. So, avoid unnecessary risks by taking the time to properly cite sources. For assistant and tips with the two most common types of citation, MLA and APA, you may want to try a quick online search or contact your professor.

Once your masterpiece is complete, it is time to print it so that it may be displayed in its true beauty. There are three steps to makes sure that this paper is the best that it can be. First, ensure once again that the page layout, font size, and page breaks are set correctly. Typically this means that the font should be Times New Roman size 12, margins should be one inch all around and the reference, or works cited page should begin on a new page. Also, make certain that the printing quality is set to normal or maximum and you have the right printer ink cartridges to accommodate this.

The next step is to choose the proper paper and ink. Sometimes this can simply be an everyday 20lb. copy paper. At other times, you may need to consider a nicer presentation quality paper, or a special paper (cover quality) for the cover page. Finally, if this is a special assignment, consider a special way to display your work, such as a binder or presentation cover. These special touches are not expensive, do not require a great deal of time, but make a big impact.

Now, be sure to save a hard copy as well as a backed-up virtual copy for future use, because in front of you, you have something to be proud of and something you will be proud to turn into instructor or prospective employer as part of a portfolio.