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Printing Payroll Checks: A Quick Guide

Printers used to be for mundane, everyday tasks. Printing out letters or other documents of the typical 8x11 sheet size. Perhaps a few envelopes here and there. But as printers advanced in technology along with text programs, their range widened to include a whole new line of abilities. Now the everyday person can use their printers to create all sorts of projects just as someone with a home business can use it to create important documents, including payroll checks.

As with most specialty print jobs, you will need a bit of assistance in creating the design and layout of the payroll check. Depending upon what document program you use, there are different options available to you. The most common - as well as the easiest - method of doing so is by going to the manufacturer's website and obtaining template forms. If you cannot do so, you may have to download separate software that can help you create payroll checks step by step.

Finding the right software or templates is important because payroll checks are a little more complicated than something like labels. You need to pay close attention to the checks, their numbers, the information, as well as your own accounting information in order to make sure it matches up correctly. Finding software that integrates accounting information as well as creating payroll checks can be ideal as it will handle much of the process for you. Before you start printing, it is essential that your bookkeeping adds up and checks are in the correct format.

You cannot simply print a check on regular paper. Instead, you will have to obtain check paper, which is specifically made to help deter fraud. Many online retailers sell various types of check paper. Depending upon the nature of you business, a simple box of check paper will do.

Once you are ready with the software and paper, you can start printing. Because checks are best printed when in black ink, aim for the highest quality settings to get ideal results. A good idea for checks is to obtain magnetic ink. You may have to go to your printer manufacturer to find magnetic printer ink; otherwise it may be necessary to find an outside source. Magnetic ink gives your checks an added security measure to help stop fraud. It also speeds up check processing, as most checks pass through a magnetic reader. If your check doesn't go through a magnetic reader and goes through an optical reader instead, it might result in a fee due to manual processing. You don't necessarily need the entire check to be printed in magnetic ink; just the important pieces of information such as the account number and routing number.

Carefully research your available options and the companies that provide them in order to obtain reputable software as well as good check paper. Some places provide complete starter kits that include magnetic inkjet cartridges, paper, and software. Start by checking your local office supply stores for these kits, which ensures that you are getting a trustworthy product.