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Printing Postcards

These days, you can print just about anything - even postcards. Instead of buying postcards from a paper or card company, you can design your own postcards and print them out on high-quality paper. Printing postcards is easy, and 123inkjets has a few tips to help you get started.

Use a digital camera

If you love to send postcards to friends and family while you are away on vacation, make sure to bring along your digital camera. You can take high-quality scenic or funny photos of your vacation spot and use them as your postcard. Turning digital photos into postcards is easy, and it allows you the unique ability to personalize your postcard. With a little bit of creative editing, you can add text, borders, and other special affects to your photo and presto - instant postcard!

Use a high-quality printer

The quality of your postcard will depend on the quality of your printer. There are many different inkjet printers to choose from. Do a little research and read as many customer reviews as you can find. This will allow you to make an informed decision about the kind of inkjet printer that will best fit your needs. Some inkjet printers are designed specifically for people who print photographs. Since you will be using digital photos to design your postcards, you will need a printer that is reliable and capable of printing high-quality digital photos.

Consider the ink

Most people don't think about the ink that they use. It is usually the last thing on their minds, except when they need to order more. You need to purchase ink cartridges with fast-drying capabilities. Since you will be printing photos on a regular basis, you will need a decent amount of ink. This can be costly. You can save money simply by purchasing high-quality refurbished ink cartridges. Refurbished ink cartridges are recycled ink cartridges. They are better for the environment and cost much less than new ink cartridges. You can purchase refurbished cartridges in bulk orders as well.

Use postcard stock paper

A postcard needs to be thick and durable because you are going to be sending it through the mail. Do not cheap out on the paper quality because it will ruin your postcard. You can purchase postcard paper at any store that sells paper products. If you can purchase coated postcard paper then do so. It may be more expensive but it offers the kind of paper quality you need in order to bring your postcards to life.

Creating your own postcards is a unique and fun way to keep in touch with family and friends when you are away on vacation. If you have a digital camera, the right printer, the right ink, and the right kind of paper, you can easily design a high-quality postcard. The next time you plan on going on vacation, make sure that you have everything you need in order to create the perfect postcard. Your family and friends will be amazed!

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