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Printing Your Holiday Letter - A Few Tips

Nothing is more fun than arriving at that time of year when you're ready to write your holiday letter. As you look back through the events of the year to sort out your thoughts for family and friends, you can't help feeling a little nostalgic at how another year has passed again. It will help get you in the mood for the coming festivities when you can use your creative juices to design the border around, and perhaps the theme, of this year's holiday letter.

There are some things you should think about as far as order and structure of the letter go. These tips will help the recipient to get the most from what you are writing.

  1. Outline the news you have to share. Spend some time jotting notes about all the events you remember. You might want to make a list going month by month. Some experts say that a holiday letter should only be one page. If you are going along with that theory, remember to choose just the significant or major events. Try to have a fairly complete outline of what you intend to say before you set out to write and design your letter.
  1. Organize the information. The news and events you have to share are important. Make sure your reader will get the most from what you have to say by organizing the information into paragraphs that are easy to relate to. Of course, everyone has their own style and flair - and you should express that in your holiday newsletter. Most people write the letter in simple paragraphs, using one for each family member. If you really want to get creative, you might try using columns, such as a newspaper uses. Make titles and captions, and include photos, for all the prominent events.
  1. Add pictures. What really make a holiday letter great are pictures. Include photos that relate to the interesting stories and tidbits that you are sharing. Alternatively, you could include just one recent family photo.
  1. Add a holiday border. A holiday border around the edges of the paper helps the reader get into the holiday spirit. He or she will be excited to read the contents of this very special page.
  1. Mail the letter early. A holiday letter is really one of the first tasks you should have on your list to accomplish. You need time to gather your thoughts, type them out, prepare your design, and print. The all-important final step is to mail them. You will want to do that very early in December so the recipients will have time to read and enjoy your letter before the frenetic pace that occurs as December 25 nears. The holiday season can be a very busy time. Plan to send your letter early.
  1. Before you mail - make a copy! Remember to make a copy and/or keep a copy in your computer on file. It wouldn't hurt to print out an extra with a new inkjet. These can bring much enjoyment through the years as you look back on and re-read each letter you send out.

A printer can add so much to events and occasions, as there are so many opportunities for creativity and the capacity to share with others. A personalized holiday letter is easily crafted with the help of all the wonderful technology we have available today.