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Printing Your Own Photos: Tips You Need Now

Printing your own photos may sound complicated, but it's not. You can do it easily from the comfort of your own home. Instead of making numerous trips to your local store to get your photos printed, try printing your photos at home. With the right printer, scanner and paper quality, your photos will look professional every time. Here are some photo printing tips to save you time and money.

Use high-quality photo paper

The kind of paper that you use will make a huge difference in how your photo will look after it has been printed. Before you purchase paper, feel it with your hands. Thick and glossy photo paper usually works the best because it is the closest thing to getting your photos printed at a professional photo shop. But every printer is different. You may want to purchase a few different kinds of paper so that you can do a test run. That way, you can see the quality for yourself. Purchase the paper that prints your photos the best. Also, make sure that you are printing on the right side of the photo paper. This happens more often than you think, because both sides of a piece of photo paper look very similar. But, one side is slightly smoother and glossier than the other. Pay attention. You don't want to waste photo paper by printing on the wrong side.

Don't leave the printed photos in the printing tray.

Once you have printed your photos, remove them from the printing tray. Photos can become smudged and blurry when left in the printing tray. Don't let pages of photos pile up on top of one another, especially when the ink is still wet. Your photo paper will stick together and then you'll have nothing but a printing mess on your hands. Be smart. Remove the photos and place them in a safe place until the ink has dried completely. If you place the photos on top of one another, remember to place newspaper in between them so that they do not stick together.

Take time to edit photos.

This is especially important if you are scanning and printing old photos. Old photos tend to fade. You can make them look like new simply by editing the colors and the image. Also remember to edit any new photos you may have. Photos don't necessarily print exactly how you seem them on the screen. If the photo is blurry, fix it. If the colors look wrong, fix them. Editing your photos will go a long way.

Invest in photo printing software

You can purchase a photo printing software program that is designed specifically for inkjet printers and to set up photos. These programs can even help guide you through the editing process. Though they can sometimes be expensive, photo printing software programs and new ink cartridges will help you make your photos look extremely professional. They are worth the investment, especially for those individuals who print photos at home on a regular basis.