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Removing Ink Stains from Your Clothes

Printing can be a messy job, especially if you get printer ink on your hands and clothes. Sometimes the paper smudges, or you get ink on yourself when you are changing the ink cartridge. Either way, ink stains are a pain to clean. If you have an ink stain on your clothes, don't panic. The following information will help you remove it properly.

First, rub some talcum powder on the ink spot. Grind it in the stain as much as possible. Make sure to coat the entire stain. Let the clothing sit for a while so that the talcum powder can do its job. You can let it sit for a day or so. Once the clothing is fully dry, wash the stain with water. The ink should come out rather easily. You can also try to wet the ink spot with water immediately after it as gotten stained. Take a towel (a paper towel will work as well) and dab it against the stain. You will want to soak up as much ink as possible. Take some detergent, preferably one with advanced stain removal capabilities, and rub it into the stain. Let the stain dry fully. Once the clothing is dry, you can wash it clean in warm water.

The type of ink you use will determine whether the ink stain is easy or difficult to remove. Permanent ink stains are a lot harder to get out. No matter how big the stain, do not use bleach to try and get it out of your clothes. Bleach will only ruin your clothing. Instead, try using a bit of rubbing alcohol. You can purchase rubbing alcohol from any pharmacy. If you do not have any rubbing alcohol, you can use nail polish removal as a substitute. Rub the liquid into the stain and then blot the stain with a towel (again, you can use a paper towel). Make sure that you use enough liquid to coat the entire stain. If you are not able to get the stain out, you can try using a mixture of baking soda and warm water. After you apply the mixture to the ink stain and rub it in thoroughly, set the clothes aside and let them dry completely. Then, wash the clothes in a separate load of laundry. You do not want to wash the ink-stained clothes with other clothes in case the ink bleeds.

Ink stains can be annoying. But with all the printing that we do on a regular basis, they are bound to happen. If you are able to clean the stain right away, you will have a better chance of getting it out of your clothes. Remember - don't try to remove the stain with bleach. It won't work. Use the suggestions mentioned above. They will help get the ink stain out of your clothes so that you can get back to your life and your printing needs.