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Three Ways To Save Paper And Ink In Your Office

Between saving the environment and saving money in your bank account, especially during current times, the more ways you can find to reduce waste and cost, the better off you're going to be. There are many ways to help the environment that can be practiced in both the home and office. Saving money and reducing expenses takes a conscientious effort as well.

Trees, where paper originates from, are a finite resource and we need to use Earth's supplies with care and good stewardship. Ink is one of those supplies it seems you can go through in a hurry, and constantly replenishing your ink supplies can be expensive. Listed below are three ways you can save paper and printer ink in your office or home.

  1. Print in draft mode when possible. It isn't always necessary to print documents with the full force of the ink being applied to the page. How many documents/pages do you print in one day? How many are really necessary when you stop and think about it? What do you do with those pages anyway? Keep them or do you end up throwing them in the paper recycle box because you don't have anywhere to store them? Chances are probably good that a lot of the text, graphics, and pictures you might print on a whim could actually just as easily be scrutinized on your computer screen. For the items you do choose to print, unless they are contract-related or super important, set your printer to "draft" mode. Draft mode uses less ink but you still have the printed page if you need it. The quality won't be top of the line, but you will be helping the environment and saving money.
  1. Print front-to-back when possible. This option can be a big help which many people just don't naturally think about. Rather than printing documents straight out from the printer, where you are going to have a blank page on one side, select the option to print front-to-back. This will save paper, ink, and storage space if you need to keep what you have printed out. It only makes good sense to utilize both sides of a blank page.
  1. Examine your print page ranges before hitting the print button. Often when we want a printed document, we just select print and wait for the paper to come out. How many times how you received an "extra" blank sheet of paper as well? It might happen when just a little bit of insignificant text runs over onto another page. It might be a header or footer that doesn't really need to print out. Or it might be an extra return at the bottom of a page that creates a new page - a blank page - that doesn't need to be printed out. By selecting a print page range from your printer, you can more easily ensure you get only the printed words you desire. If you do have blank pages that print off from time to time, remember to recycle or reuse them.

Finding ways to save paper and ink require just a little thought. Look around you and see the piles of printed paper on your desk or near it. Making a conscious effort to be the most efficient worker you can be will pay big dividends when you see how much good you are doing at the end of the day.

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