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Saving Money With Your Printer

Having a printer in your home office is great. You have the convenience of printing what’s important to you. You may own a multi functioning printer that is able to make copies, fax paperwork, and even scan photos and documents that you want to upload to your computer and share with someone.

Those are all very helpful things, but did you know that most people who own printers are spending more money than they have to? Using your computer in a new way, and using it for some things that you may not have thought of, can actually help you save money.

Printer Adjustments to Save Money

One way to save money with your printer is to adjust the options. All you have to do is go to your start menu, click on the option that says ‘Settings, Control Panel, Printers’. Choose your printer, and right click properties. There will be a tab that says Device Options, click on that and then click Print Quality. There will be an option that says Lowest Quality. Click on that option and then exit.

By printing with the lowest quality, you will be using less ink. If you have something that you want to print in high quality, you can always go back in and change it temporarily for that purpose. Changing to a lower quality may make your ink cartridges last at least twice as long as normal, and maybe up to three times as long.

Using Your Printer to Stretch Money

If you really want to find ways to stretch your money with your printer, you need to get creative. One thing you may want to do is consider all your paperwork needs that you spend money on, and consider whether you could replace them by making them with your own printer.

Another thing you may be able to do to save money is to print your own checks. There’s a program called Checkmagic, which will work with some of the money managing programs you may be familiar with, Quicken is one of them. You will need to buy some blank check paper, which was made specifically for self printing checks. You will also need to pay the small fee that Checkmagic requires, but that’s a one time fee compared to the many times you pay to have checks printed already.

Another thing you may want to consider printing yourself is any personal or business cards that you need. You can get card stock paper that is preformed to be easily taken apart to make business sized cards. It should be fairly easy to create your own business cards if you have a good office or word processing program in your computer. You can even add an image if you want to.

Greeting cards created by you and printed on your own printer are another way to save money. Not only that, they will be highly personalized, which is always a nice touch. Use card stock paper to print them on. You may already have a program in your computer that will help make creating greeting cards easy. If not, then investing in a good one may be a good idea.